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I'm a preschool teacher, cranky before the first cup of coffee, and spend too much money on books. I love throwing parties, and hate doing the laundry. I live outside Boston, MA with my husband Larry, and our two sons in a rambling old house. We'd much rather travel than pay for a new roof. The people we meet, and the moments we wouldn't have experienced at home, make every trip memorable.

In our 20's Larry and I did a lot of spur of the moment travel. We'd schedule an off-season vacation from work, and then call a few consolidators to see where we could fly to on the cheap. No hotel reservations, no real plans, just a few guidebooks for ideas. We stumbled across France, Turkey, the Caribbean, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the U.S. Lots of serendipitous discoveries, some dreadful mistakes. Since then, I've discovered the joys of planning trips, relishing the collection of details of history and culture that make travel a rich and vital experience. Our boys are learning to entertain themselves at airports, try new experiences in unfamiliar environments, and be flexible and curious traveling companions. We have fun, too.

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kristi and sam:

your trip aounds DIVINE so year in your suitcase, Amy? Have you met any of that dreadfulk heat we've been hearing about? Hope not...OR that you're close to the sea.
Looking forwad to hearing all about everything when you return.
kristi (sam, too!)

Janet Gilman:

Hi, Amy and Larry! We've been enjoying your blogs as usual, salivating with each meal and each view over the mountains and beyond. We'll be leaving for our very different trip--to St. Petersburg, Finland/Lapland, and the Norwegian Fjords--in a few days. Hopefully the warm air you're getting will have gone by the time we get to Europe--or else never reach that far north! We'll write once more to the boys at camp before we leave, and send more books/magazines. Alas, Sports Illustrated did not cover the Tour de France--too early I guess. See you both in September!
Janet and Aaron

Janet Gilman:

We could happily live on that bread and cheese! (maybe not so much the beer) Throw in some chocolates, and who can complain? We didn't make Amsterdam on our June river cruise along the Mosel and Rhine, but did spend a little time in a couple of out-of-the-way Dutch towns: Bonn, the Netherland's oldest city where we saw some Roman ruins; and Kinderdijk, where we visited a lot of windmills (I think this is where I bought you the Flessenlikker, which you all laughed at but I've scraped the bottom of several jam and mustard jars with it already!)


Hi Amy and Larry, I'm not sure this is the route to you again--but I can't find "message board"on the site...I am working up a new, prettier website for my cottages and I would like to include the photo you took of Larry-under-the fig-tree when you stayed at the cottage in San Martino. It is just the right "savor" that I want to show. May I? Best, Toni

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