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Chowderheads in Paris

We've arrived! The flights were very easy, and we all actually slept. The less said about Iceland Air's food, the better. We're still discussing what was in the tofu-textured brown things that were dinner.

The apartment is wonderful. Very spacious and light, with two comfortable bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room. We're overlooking the Arsenal Basin, a five minute walk from Bastille.

The Chowderheads earned their name yesterday with a little Parisian adventure. I dunno--"They" say they're bright, but my offspring could have proved them wrong yesterday. It started when we ventured out for a walk. As in most Paris buildings, the elevator here is the size of a phone booth. The boys got in to go downstairs, and Larry and I took the stairs. We got down, and the elevator didn't. Pushing the button a few times didn't get results. We walked up a flight, and heard the boys arguing inside the elevator shaft. The elevator was stuck between floors.

After some discussion, the boys pressed the Alarm button. The nice young man giving recorded directions in French which we couldn't hear clearly wasn't much help. A neighbor came in, and we explained the situation to him as best we could. He started to laugh--did they jump in the elevator, perchance. We asked the boys through the door, and after some whispered discussion, Dan asked if I was going to yell at him. I replied that the consequence seemed to be punishment enough, so no. The neighbor confided that he did the same thing last year.

Anyway, our new best friend called the Pompieres on his cell. Since the boys weren't enfants, the fire department didn't deem it an emergency, so told us to call the elevator company. The elevator company said they'd have someone here in half an hour.

We waited. I hung out outside the elevator door, listening to the boys argue over whose turn it was to sit down. After a while, they began to sing rude camp songs. Larry meanwhile had met the guy who works in the garage next door, who called the elevator company two more times. More than an hour after the initial call, a repairman arrived. Within 5 minutes he had the door open, Dan boosted Evan up, and the guys lifted Dan up and out.

They were pretty mortified. They went to say thanks to the neighbor and the garage guy, and then we took pity on them and went to forage for food. We bought warm baguettes, and introduced the boys to snacking on the "nose." They got samples and made selections at the nice cheese shop on rue Saint Antoine, and were thrilled by the feathered poultry at the butcher's where we got pates and sliced meats. We got fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer next door, and dove into the Monoprix for other essentials.

Dinner at home was salad, cheeses, meats, and huge strawberries. The boys also had a thimbleful of wine and a little dessert.

Early to bed.

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D. McMame:

Hi Amy and Larry,

We just "visited" your Paris apartment. Wow! Can we trade with you for the rest of the week? (Will throw in the homeless person evicted from our entryway early this morning and a stone "said to be" from the Bastille prison.)

Dave and Aralynn



I'm the American that LAG is meeting on Saturday. LOL on your boys. Hope their misadventure didn't dim their spirit.

Ciao bella

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