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Last Day

We had planned on a daytrip to Chantilly to see the Chateau and the Musée Vivant du Cheval. But my goodness, it feels like we've been running all week. We decided instead to just have a low key day, with no plans.

So of course, we ended up running all over the city.

Dan really wanted to use his birthday money from Grandma to get a football shirt, since he's become quite the fan of european soccer. We began by sleeping in. The boys were finally up and ready to leave at 11, and we were literally heading through the door when Dan threw back his arm, rotating for a faked baseball pitch. I was standing just behind him, and his elbow smacked right into the bridge of my nose. I now know what the expression about seeing stars feels like. I spent the next half hour with an icepack on my face, and Dan being once again mortified.

We finally got going, and went up to a football store outside Republique. Lots of shirts, but none that appealed. By this time it was lunchtime, so we decided to head to a restaurant that Dave had recommended at 269 Faubourg St Antoine, pretty close to the next sports shop on my list.Chez Ramulaud was small, with tasty and inexpensive food. Only two choices for each course, so the boys got to stretch their horizons a bit with a tomato and parmesean gratin, a boudin with potatoes, and a very tasty lamb casserole. Evan didn't even complain about the olives, though he did pick out each microscopic black fleck.

On to the next store, the giant Go Sports just down from the Viaduc des Arts. We love the overhead Promenade Plante that's above the Viaduc's trendy art stores. The boys hit Go Sports, I hit the Promenade. We reconnected, with no success on the shirt. Dan had decided what he really wanted was a shirt from Manchester United, and each store so far only had it in extra large, which was enormous on him, even given the enormous shirts the kids are wearing now. The staff at the store had called around, and recommended a store near Chatelet.

So, off we went. A bit of time around that area reminded me why I don't like the area--too much like the seedy end of 34th street in NYC. The boys were fascinated by the uber-punk looking crowds, and we ventured in a bit to show them the Pompidou building, which they also got a big kick out of. And finally success--A Manchester United shirt, size Medium. And priced so high Dan put it back, since it was far more than what he had. Larry and I whispered a bit, and doubled back to get it ourselves, and gave it to Dan for his birthday so he could use his Grandma money for something else.

Next, we caught the bus over to the 6th, and got some chocolates to bring home. Then back to the apartment, where I got a big surprise when I took off my sunglasses. My bumped nose had produced two black eyes.

No, you are not getting a photo.

We got the boys a beautiful roasted chicken and some salads for dinner, and Larry and I headed out to meet Chris and Frank for dinner at La Maison du Jardin, near the Louxembourg. We had an excellent meal, and a really fun time. Everyone enjoyed their food. I adore liver, (yes I know, I'm odd) and this place has a really delicious version. 27 Vaugirard, in the 6th ( )

Saturday we got packed, got the last croissants, and did some light housekeeping. My bruises had deepened and spread, making me wonder if I was going to be handed leaflets about spousal abuse over the next few days. My sunglasses didn't hide the entirety, and my makeup wasn't much help.

Easy flights home, and more wretched food from Iceland Air.

The boys are talking about going back.

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Sad to see it end. And can't we have one tiny picture?? Please? Pretty please???? ;D


Thanks for taking the time to blog, Amy. I always enjoy following your journeys.

Since you're over here, I can't bookmark your trip in "Memories" like I do back on Live Journal! I wandered over to see how Laura Anne's trip was going -- you can be my trip guide, should I ever make it over there! Now I have to mine days for names and places.

Glad it was fun, and sympathies on the black eyes. You should take one pic, for the day he gets "roasted" in some nebulous future... ;^)


Wow Amy, I wish I had seen this earlier, I would have loved to meet for a coffee but it sounds like you have been real busy.

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