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Lazy Sunday

Have I mentioned the weather yet? After the cold, damp, and still more cold of early April in Boston, we arrived to find Paris exploding into summer. With the temperature in the low 80's, it was a bit of a shock to our systems. But it's insanely wonderful to be able to eat outside, sit on the banks of the Seine, and see flowers blooming.

We slept in on Sunday, and finally pried Dan out of bed at 10:30. Teenage boys are like newborn babies. They need to eat every two hours, demand excessive amounts of sleep at all the wrong times, wake up cranky, and stare at breasts.

The Paris Marathon was running right past Bastille, so after breakfast, we headed up the street. The leaders had already gone past, but there were planty of people to cheer on. As we crossed to the Richard Lenoir market we had to run the gauntlet of presidential leafleteers competing for our nonexistent votes.With 16 candidates, it was quite the scene. The market was busy and lively, and the boys loved the man juggling while keeping a bowl of fish on his head. We got clementines, strawberries, more fresh chevre, a nut bread, a tiny melon, salad greens, and tomatoes. I so wish I could have my salad greens custom-mixed at home.

After unloading our shopping cart at home, we walked over to the Viaduc des Arts where we figured there would be an open cafe for lunch. Found a cute place, where we sat outside and the boys ordered their first meal in French. It's amazing to be a kid, and to be so unselfconsious about using words you've learned five minutes beforehand. I wish I could do that.

We crossed the Seine across the Pont de Austerlitz and headed into the Jardin des Plants. Cherry and apple trees were flowering, and spring bulbs were in peak bloom. The growups appreciated it, and the kids sneezed a lot. After walking a bit, we went down to the quai, through the sculpture garden. This is one of my favorite places. We got onto the Batobus, and managed to get seats on the shaded side. With that glass roof, things can get steamy on a warm day like this.

Evan chose that time to nervously tell us about being in a sailboat at Camp that capsized. "I really don't like boats. Can we get off? Right now?" We talked him into staying on for one stop, then another, and he relaxed and enjoyed the ride and identifying the buildings that we were floating past.

Everyone in Paris seemed to be sunning themselves along the Seine. We ended up going all the way to the Eiffel tower and back again. We walked back to the apartment and hung out for a while, and then made the boys some dinner.

Larry and I headed out to meet some friends for dinner at a little Italian place in the 11th. Very good pizzas, even better company.

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Amy - you crack me up. Love the quote about the teenage boys. Sounds like a fabulous time.

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