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Bijoux, Segways, et Vin

The boys had been looking forward to Wednesday and their Segway tour. Even so, it was rough going getting them out the door by 9:00. I split off to meet up with Laura and head over to see the Lalique exhibit at the Musee du Luxembourg.

The Lalique exhibit was wonderful, filled with gorgeous art nouveau jewelry, some glassware, and lots of drawings and designs. Getting a good look at some of the display cases meant using some of the techniques I've seen exhibited by the ladies at the markets. Don't give up an inch, and the famous Shoulder Edge and Block. We walked around a bit afterward, popping into shops, getting a cafe, and looking at restaurant menus. We ended up backtracking and eating at Au Gourmand, 22 rue Vaugirard. Laura fulfilled one of her Paris obligations with foie gras, and I started with tiny artichoke ravioli in a chive sauce. Both were excellent. Laura followed with roasted lapin, I had dorade over vegetables. She liked her bunny, I found my fish a bit dull. Ah, well.

On the way back, I managed to steer us going in the wrong direction not once, but twice. And we hadn't even had wine with lunch, since we'd be doing a tasting later. I suspect I'll be hearing about this for a long time.


I met up with Larry and the boys at the apartment. They had a blast on their Segway tour. Larry agreed with the statement that it was more about the Segway than Paris, but that's OK. After a brief training session, they were zipping around on "turtle mode" through Paris. They stopped for lunch in the Tuilleries, and the whole thing lasted over four hours. They rode the Batobus back, making it the boys' third time. Those five-day passes were worth it.

After a rest, the adults headed up to the Oberkampf area for a wine tasting at O-Chateau. http://www.o-chateau.com/en/main/ We climbed up to the fourth floor loft, where we were joined by a few other tourists and a group from Microsoft's Dublin office. Olivier Magny is young, cute, and puts on a good show. We did learn a lot about tasting and French regions, and even Laura the ex-winestore worker learned a few things. Olivier had a good time joshing the Irish, Californians, and people who sniff corks and use silly terms to describe wines. He chose moderate to inexpensive wines to taste, and there were some we really liked.

Back at the apartment, the boys were hungry for dinner after snacking on fruit and a baguette. We didn't want to go far, so chose a little place around the corner from the apartment. It turned out to be a great choice, as the food was very good and fairly priced. It was casual, with artwork on the walls and no non-French speakers. Actually, someone would have to work hard to find the place, since its on a side street and not near any Paris 'destination." The kids loved their entrecote, I had duck breast with mango and sweet potato that was better than my more expensive lunch, and Larry had an excellent dish of pork cooked with honey, served with quinoa, of all things. If you're in the Bastille neighborhood and want a good, simple but interesting meal, try it. I've since discovered they even have a website, since they present music and art shows. La Canille, 4 rue Crillon, Metro Sully Morland or Quai de la Rapee. http://www.lacanaille.fr/plats.htm

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Amy - glad you enjoyed the wine tasting - did you do the seven course tasting or the shorter one (I think four courses). Olivier does like ragging on different groups but he can be funny.

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