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Betey' Avon

In Hebrew, Bon Appetit.

I've been craving Israeli food lately. Here are some photos of what I ate on trips to Israel over the past five years.

Here's breakfast at my partner teacher Magi's mother's house in Haifa. There must have been 20 dishes--tomato and cucumber salad with zataar, Egyptian bean salad, feta, sheep cheese, egg salad with so much dill and scallion it was green, pita, hummos, stuffed tomatoes, herb quiche, chopped grilled eggplant with fresh yogurt, sliced vegetables, and borekis (filo dough stuffed with cheese and herbs)


The mothers from an Arab preschool and a Jewish preschool in Haifa where the children get together several times a year prepared this lunch for us when we visited their program. Tabouli (parsley and grain salad), pastry wrapped around spinach, hummos, eggplant with chickpeas.


At a seafood restaurant in old Jaffa, this was a trio of fish served on salad. One was grilled, one was baked with herbs, the last was wrapped in filo. Amazing.


This is a Druze dessert called Kinafee that we were served when we visited friends of friends in an Arab Druze village. It's sweetened fresh goat cheese, wrapped in shredded filo, then drenched in a syrup. Best served warm, and it's delicious.


Eggplant stuffed with ground lamb, on tahini sauce; Israeli salad in background.


Breakfast of homemade granola, yogurt and fruit in Haifa.


More of that homemade lunch in Haifa. Stuffed grape leaves and baby zucchini, pita with tomato and zataar toppings, olives and cabbage salad. Zataar is an ancient Middle Eastern spice blend of thyme, sesame, salt, and sumac.


Israel has a coffee culture, from both the European and Middle Eastern traditions. There's fantastic coffee everywhere. This was at Aroma, at the bottom of Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem.


A plate of mixed desserts from The Anna Ticho House cafe in Jerusalem.


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Wow, what great photos, and so very interesting, especially for someone who loves food and cooking, but has never been to that part of the world.

Thanks for sharing!


Yum...well I can take consolation in that I shall be back there in a year. :)

Boy this looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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