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It's The End of the World As We Know It

From the New York Times--

It’s ‘Hide the Matzo,’ for Real: Where Are the Tam Tams?
By Jonathan Miller

What will you do in the great Tam Tam shortage of 2008?
It’s true, the unleavened, bite-sized matzo cracker has nearly disappeared from shelves across the country, leaving Jews anguished as the Passover season approaches, and company officials scrambling to explain the situation.


Read the full article:

Seriously. This is like trying to get through a week of an extended family beach vacation without your favorite sunscreen and your I-Pod. Tam-Tams are all what stands between you and snack starvation during Passover, when crackers and baguettes are forbidden. What will we put our heart-healthy vegetarian chopped liver on? Oh, the horror.

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Do you know, the last coule of years I haven't been able to find tam tams at passover (no problem at Rosh HaShanah though). I end up breaking up matzo sheets into smaller pieces (with lots of crumbs) to eat with the chopped liver. :)


oh my goodness, you crack me up...you and Kim should take your show on the road: The Slow-Travellin' Tam Tam Twins!

I have a friend whose nickname is Tam...I must get him a box of these for his birthday.

I love this post and the corresponding article. If I find any here on the shelves, I will send them your way (although they would probably be old and stale after sitting on the shelves for years).


Girasoli, they're matzo! They're old and stale the minute they're born. :D!

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