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NTOH Depressive Disorder


Yes, that's No Trip on the Horizon Depressive Disorder. It's the cause of my minor funk this weekend, and I honestly was shocked by the level of sadness I was feeling last night.

For the past 12 years, there's always been a trip in the works--either with the kids, or, even more special, one for just myself and Larry. As a family, we've been to Italy twice, Paris once, the Southwest US, California, D.C., Cape Cod, and Sanibel Island Florida. I've been to Israel three times for work. My parents have stayed with the kids while we've been on short trips to Venice, Napa, and London. For the past three summers, Larry and I have managed to use ff miles to travel to Italy or France while the boys were happily mucking about in the woods at sleepaway camp.

Now, our youngest will be heading back to Camp this summer, and my oldest will be getting a job and beginning college applications. Any travel we do this year will likely be to look at colleges. Next summer, both boys will probably be at home, and it'll be several years before they'll be old enough to fend for themselves. My parents no longer drive, prefer the cozy familiarity of their apartment to dealing with our steep-stepped home, and are no longer of age or health for feeling comfortable being responsible for the boys. My work schedule being tied to the school calendar further tightens the noose of staying home.

And then, there's those huge college bills right around the corner. There goes my entire salary.

Being realistic, I don't see any travel happening for at least three or four years. And Larry keeps piling up those frequent flyer points as he travels for work.

Our trips, and the planning, have been such a focus for looking ahead, for something to reward ourselves with for the day-to-dayness of work, school, obligations, busy family life. The chance to explore, to be free of obligations, and with those precious "adult only" trips to just be a couple has tremendously enriched our lives. I'm feeling a definite void.

Ah well. Maybe we'll finally get a trip to Japan after five years of saving ff miles!

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Yes, looking forward to, and planning, trips is such a treat! Hopefully you can take some shorter domestic trips while saving up for Japan...


Amy, I can imagine how desperate you feel! Lately, I've been worrying a bit about money and obligations, and thinking that if I cut back on travel, it would make some things easier. But that is such a depressing thought.....

Maybe you could do something like a winter trip to Paris or Rome? When your sons are on Christmas break and out of school, stuff 'em all in a plane and take off. Or just after the holidays; let 'em miss a week of school. I was happily surprised how much cheaper Rome was off-season. And not cold.....

First, what a gorgeous photo! The view!! Wow!!

I now have visions of you literally stuffing your kids in the plane after reading Sandra's comment :-)

Maybe one of their breaks will work or maybe you could just run away for a week on your own and have Larry hold down the fort?


Yeah, last night Larry was encouraging me to think about heading off without him this summer. We'll see.

NTOH - That is funny but I also identify with it. For me, it is more NITOH - No international trip on horizon. Hang in there - I bet you'll have something come up.


Amy, I'm an advocate of traveling sans spouse, if required. :)

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