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Saying No

Like many women I suspect, I have a hard time turning down requests to take on projects. Sure, I say. Glad to help. I wonder how much is responding to subtle flatterty(Oh, she'll do a great job), guilt (They need me to do this), my "do good" urges, or needing to feed my own ego (I can do this, and do it right!).

As a result, I have a very bad habit of taking on too much. These days with juggling work, grad school, family, and community obligations--Something had to go this Spring.

So I said no when the e-mail came again about the homeless shelter program I've been running for the past five years. It's a spring carnival for the children and moms at the shelter where I volunteer. I developed the program five years ago, and have run it ever since. I've trained plenty of people who can run it just as well, and you know, it's time to pass the baton. I even found someone to run it in my place this year (and hopefully hereafter). Did I feel guilty? Hell yes. Am I worried about the success of the carnival? I need to trust in the people taking it over, and remember that there are plenty of people who can pull it off. I'll miss the joy of seing the kids and moms have fun, and especially checking in with the people I care about there.

But man, it feels good to shed some responsibility.

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Just remember, every time you say no to someone else's request for your precious time, you are saying yes to yourself! And, you deserve that time to yourself, much more than those others.
Take good care,

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