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Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I was a litigation paralegal for a major Boston law firm for ten years. Was about to apply to law school, when I realised all my lawyer friends were desperately unhappy. Working with children is a lot like working with second-year associates, but with more pee.

2. I get dizzy on long, steep escalators. I'm working to overcome this, and my goal is to do a zipline in Alaska this summer.

3. I love to sing, have "a pretty voice" but never studied voice. It's a regret, because I so enjoy singing. Maybe someday.

4. I first met my husband when I was 16 years old. We married 14 years later.

5. I prefer lemon desserts to chocolate ones.

6.I wake up before 5:30 every morning.

7. I'm not at all bothered by blood. I remain strangely calm in emergencies, and quietly freak out afterward.

8. I haven't watched tv since Sorkin left The West Wing.

9. I look just like my mother.

10. Isaac Asimov once pinched my grandmother. It's a long story.

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"Working with children is a lot like working with second-year associates, but with more pee." - I almost choked on my lunch while reading this, laughing so hard. I always say my desk might as well be set up in the bathroom since my kids spend half of their day in there :-)


Amy, I like this idea! Do you mind if I steal the topic?

I agree about the bathroom runs that young students go through during a school day. Once one goes, there will be a stream for sure... or going to the water fountain... same story - liquid in, though :)


Fabulous! But I want to hear the Asimov story. I also want to know why it took you and Larry 16 years to get together??

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