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Three Things

Three Things I Learned from my Father:

1. How to change a flat tire. AAA or your boyfriend isn't always going to be around.
2. Dividing fractions. He accomplished what Mrs. Davis could not.
3. That dignity isn't dependent on having a body that walks typically, or can work buttonholes, or keep hands still.

Three Things I Learned from my Mother:

1. Grammar. I don't always use it, but at least I know it.
2. Leave home, see the world.
3. For cooking to remain fun, you shouldn't be compelled to do it each and every day. Let others in your house take a turn.Then shut up and eat it.

Three Things I Learned from my Sisters:
1. Keeping secrets isn't always a good idea.
2. If you sneak a cigarette behind the library with Bobby, a friend of your mother's will always see you. And tell.
3. Sharing responsibility for taking care of the cat translates into more important matters later down the road. Pay attention.

Three Things I Learned from my Spouse:
1. Forgive and forget.
2. You will not break the internet, burn the house down, or destroy our financial records if you try something new on the computer.
3. Grumpiness never helped.

Three Things I Learned from my Teachers:
1. Go back and make it better.
2. Try again.
3. Seriously, you can do better.

Three Things I want everyone to Learn from Me:
1. Don't try to shield your children from adversity. Teach them to cope with it instead.
2. Take a breath or break before speaking in anger. Your message will be clearer, and you'll communicate in a way more likely to gain understanding.
3. Wash your hands. Thank you.

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Good entry - think I will have to steal this tomorrow.


Great lists, Amy!
I love doing these...I always learn a LOT about where I am in my life. Nice idea!
Ciao ciao,


This is a great idea, Amy -- really interesting! Those are some great lessons that you've outlined.

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