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April Showers Bring May Flowers

And May showers bring all those pretty petals down. So sad.

So, before the forcasted week of rain makes all the pretty disappear, here's some shots of my early May yard.

Here's my Japanese wisteria, with the cherry tree in the front.


As you can see, pruning wasn't a priority last fall. That wisteria is trying to take over the screened porch. It smells heavenly, and sitting on the porch inside that sea of flowers is wonderful.


Here's the front. Next week my grandmother's lilac irises should be in bloom. I lost a lot of tulips over the winter, with only some of the purple and white making an appearance. I see a lot of time on my knees replanting in October.


Yay! Lettuce big enough for salad! Still too cool at night for tomatoes to go in.


Purple lilac from the back perennial bed.


White rhododendrons around the patio.


Next week--iris, strawberries, more rhodys, and maybe the early clemetis.

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Beautiful! We just had lots of rain and thunderstorms which sucks, since it washed away flowers...


How fantastic! Our weather isn't yet warm enough to put our veggie garden in, but the early salad greens are always a fave! Your flowers are gorgeous too. I am excited to have a tulip. (Yes, "a" tulip, as in "one" tulip. The deer chewed the rest off right down to the ground...grrr!)


How beautiful! I love lilacs and wisteria, and yours look fantastic.

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