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The robin's nest is in the rhododendron bush not three feet from my front porch. Considering that my boys are incapable of entering or exiting without slamming, these must be very tolerant birds. Since we discovered the nest we've been using the side door instead. Lucy the cat has been glued to the sofa under the living room window, squeaking in vain as the parents fly back and forth. The turkey, who the neighborhood calls George for reasons I've never understood, is a fixture on the street. He's been known to chase the mailman.

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George is as good a name as any, I suppose.
Are turkeys as vicious as geese? If so, I feel sorry for your mailman.

I have to laugh as I think about a turkey named George chasing the mailman!


Wait, it's the same wild turkey and he just lives there? On your street? That's too funny.

We have a groundhog named Ned.

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