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Takeout, Russian Style

One of the great benefits of living in my area is the wealth of international foods available. Within a 1/2 hour drive from my house are shops catering to people from China, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Israel, Armenia, Lebanon, the Caribbean, Russia, South America, Vietnam, Italy, and probably more.

We often go to Bazaar, a Russian grocery in Brookline and their larger one in Allston. I'm always amused when everyone there tries speaking Russian to me. Yes, my hips have their roots in Vilnius. They've got racks and racks of real, crusty rye breads from Russian bakeries in Brooklyn, have aisles of pickled vegetables, preserves, strange pharmaceuticals, smoked sausages and meats, Russian candies, frozen Russian dumplings and pastries, fresh cheeses, sour cream and yogurt, and all the produce you need for borscht. There's a huge deli counter with a vast array of prepared foods, salads, spreads, smoked fishes, tubs of mysterious lumps, and a tray of home-made blini on the top. There's no showy displays or pretty presentation--just good food. I prefer the Allston store, where there's easier parking and the Deli ladies will make you taste the six eggplant salads before you decide which one to take home. If you stare in befuddlement, someone will nudge you toward their favorites. Prices are astonishingly reasonable--their grape leaves are $3.99 a pound, vs the $6.99 at other shops. You can visit their interesting website: http://www.bazaargourmet.com/

Here's yesterday's lunch, courtesy of Bazaar: Russian Rye bread, topped with mushroom salad and eggplant-tomato salad; stuffed grape leaves, Georgian style; and beet salad with walnuts.


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It all sounds so delicious! I want to eat everything on that plate!

I am drooling here!! My mom used to buy this wonderful dark rye bread, which we called black bread. Oh how I loved having toasted black bread with butter on top. I wish I could find decent rye bread here.


Love it! My hips have their roots in Vilnius! I think mine do too :D.

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