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The "Don't Have To Do" List

My last grad school class was Monday night, and in spite of a very involved program at the preschool for the next three weeks, I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My last day of school is June 3.

For the first summer in years, there's no trip planned (except for The Dreaded Alaska Cruise with the Mother-in-Law, but we don't talk about that). I'm still dealing with NTOTHDD (No Trip on the Horizon Depressive Disorder), but thought I'd start thinking about what I will be doing this summer, and new opportunities.


1. Actually take care of the garden. I have a bad habit of starting Spring with a bang, but then not keeping up with maintaining things.

2. Take a small class in something fun. Maybe beading, maybe digital photography. A knitting class would be great, to get some new techniques.

3. Make time to see friends, maybe plan a mini "girl" trip.

4. Clean out closets and the Scary Room in the basement with 135-year-old huge, creaking cabinets filled with wires and cans of probably hazardous substances. Nah.

5. Go into Boston more often. I live five minutes away, for goodness sakes.

6. Go to that room in the basement with the treadmill and elliptical more than once every three weeks. God knows I need it.

7. Read things without a highlighter in my hand. I remember something called "fiction."

8. Sleep.

9. New Content for SlowTrav.

10. Finish the last sleeve of the teal sweater I began and abandoned last year. Finish the lace knit afghan I began in...December?

11. There is no 11.

12. Movies! Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I even watched a movie on cable, much less went to an actual theatre.

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Excellent list! I can so relate to #1...and 3...and 8...and...

Thanks for calling my attention to NTOTHDD. I've been wondering what on earth is wrong with me these days and that fits my symptoms exactly! Hmm, if I could get my doc to prescribe a trip, do you suppose my medical plan would have to pay for it?! ;)

Yippee...I'm so happy for you that grad school is done! I know just how you feel about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We get out on the 5th. It sounds like you have some great plans for this summer.


Congratulations, Amy, on your final grad school class. Is this the end of grad school for you, or the end of the course-based portion? Or just the end for this term?

I love your list -- time to read for fun, and movies. I've never been to Boston, although Ottawa isn't that far away, but it sounds really lovely and interesting.

And while I hate to pry, the dreaded MIL cruise intrigues. Can you give a few more details, or is it really too awful to discuss?


Sandra, I have two more classes to go, and a thesis to finish.

The Dreaded Cruise is at the end of the summer. I plan to grit my teeth a lot, escape on shore excursions more active than MIL would choose while she shops with her sister-in-law, hide in my cabin with a good book when at sea, and probably rack up quite the bar bill.

I forgot to comment before - I assume your MIL does not have internet access or is MIL a code she would not know? :)


MIL has steadily refused to learn how to use a computer. And she certainly wouldn't talk to all those strange, dangerous people on the internet. She reads the NY Post, she KNOWS. LOL


Congratulations again, Amy -- it sounds like you're getting close to finishing grad school. What an accomplishment!

The cruise does sound like something to be feared and well-prepared for. I'm a firm believer in some self-medicating via the bar at times like this. At least it doesn't sound like it'll be just the two of you, together all the time, and so some escape seems possible. Still, I equate "cruise" with "trap", so I certainly understand your dread. At least you have a plan! And the scenery should be spectacular.

Congratulations, Amy! Great list. I love the "go into that room in the basement." So funny!

Actually, Amy, I'm hoping that #3 has you meeting a few of your girlfriends for that mini-trip here in St. Louis.
You guys still have to do some recon for a potential GTG!

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