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Nana's Irises

Busy, busy. School ends this week, and I've spent the entire weekend pulling together a slideshow for the school picnic, and making "Goodbye Books" for the kids in my class.


My grandmother's irises are putting on a spectacular show this year. Her house, a rather rundown triple decker, had a scraggly line of irises along the chainlink fence. She was not a gardener at all, and I wonder who planted them. They always managed to bloom in the Spring, and she was quite proud of her only flowers.

When she died and we were getting the house ready to sell (which involved three truckloads of 50-year old junk to be hauled to the dump), my cousins and I dug up the irises. My cousins and my aunts each took a few clumps for our own gardens. They were a bit slow in establishing, but now each June they explode, and remind me of Nana.


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Yes the end of the school year craziness!! I have been working on a DVD with a bunch of slide shows and it CRASHED the other day! After about half an hour of madness and disbelief it was back to the drawing board...starting all over.

I love that you and your family all have a part of your grandmother with the beautiful irises. What a great way to remember her by.

So beautiful! I love irises. And what is that amazing shrub behind them? Is it a rhododendren(sp?)?


I think that's totally cool. One regret from my Dad's mom is that our parents (none of her children), gave any of the grandchildren a chance to take a rememberance.


Annie--that is indeed a rhody. That thing is like a week--I sternly prune it every year, and the next season it just gets taller. That's where the robins built their nest.


Amy, your irises are gorgeous, and what a wonderful memory of your grandmother!

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