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Scary Oatmeal


When I was five or so, I saw a commercial for instant oatmeal, and badgered my mother into buying it. I'm sure she gave in simply because she thought she'd get something healthy into me, and it was better than the Cocoa Krispies I was also campaigning for.

Of course, I sat at the kitchen table sobbing because the smell and appearance was too scary to contemplate actually putting it into my mouth, and my mother would not let me get up until I had at least tasted it. She got tired before I did.

Amy 1, oatmeal 0.

40+ years have gone by without my tasting oatmeal, unless disguised in a cookie or rustic bread. Until my nutritionist lovingly crooned about the wonderful things oatmeal would do for my body. Good cholesterol up, bad LDL down. Fills you up. Low in calories, full of fiber.

So, I plunked down four bucks at Whole Foods for a tin of steel-cut oats. It looked like guinea pig food. I was just as scared as I was at five. I followed the instructions, stirring it in a pot of simmering water. It eventually started to thicken, and the grains swelled. This did not look appetizing. My eldest son peered in and told me it looked like, well, you can guess what he said.


I slopped some into a bowl, added some 2% Greek yogurt, a pinch of Splenda (I know, I know) a shake of some cinnamon, and a handful of sliced strawberries.

And... I liked it! I liked the nutty flavor and texture of the oats. The addition of yogurt added a creamy touch, and it was slightly sweet from the sweetener and berries. I've since found that I can soak the grains overnight, and then it cooks in 10 minutes in the morning. It stores well in the fridge, and heats in the microwave with a few drops of milk.

I'm eating oatmeal. And enjoying it. What is this world coming to?


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Yeah Amy! Way to go!

Actually, I love the McCann's Steel Cut Oats, despite having loathed regular oatmeal growing up. The McCann's actually tastes like something!

If you want a little variety, try stirring a handful of raisins into the oats as you begin to cook them - a natural sweetner. Although I'll have to try it with yoghurt, which had not occurred to me.



Well I learn something new every day - I had no idea oatmeal even came in cans! I buy bags of the dry rolled oats. Often I mix the oats with a little raw bran (what can I say, I like it) and some Red River cereal for texture. Once cooked, I mix in a bit of milk and brown sugar (or maple syrup). Dates are a yummy addition too, as is most any dried fruit. Hadn't thought of strawberries and yogurt though, I will have to give that a try.


I LOVE Red River cereal! I don't even known all of the different grains mixed into it and it seems to me it takes a bit longer to cook than rolled oats (which I also love) but it's great.

I hated cooked cereal when I was a kid (we called it porridge) but as an adult, I've found I really like it. Must have something to do with my restrained addiction to carbs. I also add raisins, or dried cranberries -- but I haven't tried strawberries and yogurt.

I guess we're all outgrowing our childhood taste preferences....I think I'd gag if I tried to eat a bowl of Cap'N Crunch now, as much as my brothers and I loved it as kids. Same goes for Mountain Dew!

I have never tried the steel cut oats but have enjoyed the little packets of maple syrup flavored oatmeal.

Recently after my "talk" about my cholesterol, I read that oatmeal is a good food to eat and have been branching out a little eating a new brand that does not have sugar and has more healthy grains added to the oats. I have to admit, I had to add a couple of the little packets of my other oatmeal into the big bag to sweeten it up a little.

The steel oats sound like a better and healthier idea. The only problem is that I have about a minute (2 at the most) to make my breakfast so it has to be fast. I never thought about adding yogurt. Great idea.


What a good girl! I love oatmeal but have yet to try the steal cut. Pretty much do instant (raisins and spice or apples and cinnamon) or plain with a little swirl of maple syrup in it. I'll have to get some of the other kind on our next WF pilgrimage.

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