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Step Away from the Fridge, And No One Gets Hurt


Doctor Matt sat me down last week, and read me the riot act. He told me I have six months to lose 30 pounds, lower my cholesterol and blood pressure-- or he's putting me on medication. I'm borderline in all sorts of things, and not getting any younger.

So, after first meeting with his nutritionist and stopping at the New Balance outlet for some good sneakers, I have a plan. Exercise every other day for now and work up to every day, eat loads of vegetables, chicken and fish, small amounts of whole grains, a little olive oil, oatmeal, and lowfat, low sodium dairy. Avoid frozen or packaged foods with sodium, egg yolks, red meat, most fullfat cheeses except as a garnish. The nutritionist says the plan she gave me is similar to South Beach stage two. She's going to tweak things as the months go on, and hopefully end up with a plan that lets me maintain the weight and benefits, and allows for "mainstream" eating every now and then.

After ten days, I must say I'm feeling good. And I've lost six pounds and an inch from my waist.

The knees are adjusting to more time on the treadmill and I've begun using the elliptical. My ankle swelling has totally disapeared, since water accounts for most of this initial weigh loss. My pants are looser. I get two snacks a day, am drinking gallons of water, and am rarely hungry.

I get bored with salads quickly, so am working on all sorts of vegetable-laden recipes that I either make already and can adapt, or that are new to me. Strong flavors help lessen the need for salt, so there's been a lot of spices, lime, lemon, fresh herbs, and garlic in my cooking. I've made an Indian vegetable and chickpea curry that everyone loved, a Vietnamese chicken and vegetable stir-fry, grilled halibut with salsa, brown rice salad, roasted vegetables with oil spray instead of a liberal coating of oil, fruit with yogurt and mint, grilled every vegetable imaginable, roasted salmon, and eaten a lot of homemade hummos with whole wheat pita and vegetables.

I've been making myself eat breakast. Oatmeal with fruit and yogurt gets dull, (God. Oatmeal.) so I tried a recipe I found online for mini egg frittatas. These came out great, even using Egg Beaters. I like them with salsa for breakast or snack. Vary the vegetables and seasonings, and use more cheese if you wish. I want to try them next with sundried tomato, basil and goat cheese.


Spinach-Mushroom Mini Frittatas

Saute a small package of sliced mushrooms in a cooking spray-coated skillet until lightly browned. Add a 6-7 handfuls fresh spinach and briefly wilt. Put into a bowl, and add several diced scallions, chopped fresh parsley and dill, and 1/4 cup lowfat shredded cheese. Pour in one container (8 servings) Egg Beaters (or four beaten eggs). Mix in a few shakes of tabasco.

Put muffin liners into a muffin pan, and spray with cooking spray. Pour the mixture into the cups. Bake in a 375 oven for 25-30 minutes until puffed and brown. These store well in fridge or freezer.

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Wow, very impressive! I really need to eat more fruits and vegetables and your recipes sound delicious!

Amy - this blog (http://www.kalynskitchen.blogspot.com/) has some great south beach supports. After my attack of the gout I have to watch my diet as well :-( So far I have been successful (with a few slips). I wish it were as easy to lose as it was to put on!

Ok, left a comment once before for this post but with the Firefox problem, it timed out and I closed the window before I realized it was your blog comment....

I have also had "the talk" recently regarding my cholesterol. It was quite a shock to me. It sounds like you have a good plan mapped out. Your recipe and food ideas sound wonderful.


Congratulations, Amy -- you're off to a fantastic start, losing pounds and inches already! And I think you have a wonderful attitude, emphasizing exercise, looking for creative ways to eat healthy but tasty food, yet not overdoing anything. Sometimes I think people rush into a new regime and try to make such drastic changes so quickly that they doom themselves to failure.

Best of luck with your project!

That looks like a great alternative to oatmeal. I find that I get really hungry eating oatmeal and I do better with protein of some type. Good luck, Amy. You are on great start.


Amy, do you get Cooking Light Magazine (ooh, that reminds me I need to send a package to Jerry)? Anyway, it has tons of great, healthy recipes in there - really is a g-dsend and their website is good too - easily searchable.

Also, if you have knee issues, biking is an excellent form of exercise; we should talk.

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