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Amsterdam in Twelve Days!


My style of travel planning is to first read guidebooks, tag anything that looks of interest, and then look at a map to see what logically goes together and checking dates and opening times to avoid disappointment. I find useful web pages, and put together a document of useful information from many sources. It's important to incorporate the interests of those I'm traveling with, and allow for the inevetable jetlag, museum-head, or serendipitous discovery.

I've taken a first stab at Amsterdam. I've never been, although Larry has for business. Dan will be spending a day in the city with his bike group, so I want the things he'll do with them (Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum) to be fresh for him.

Draft Amsterdam Itinerary

arrive in morning. Take train to Centraal station, walk to apartment (10-15 minutes)
Walk around area, get groceries, see nearby market
Lunch out, rest a bit
Afternoon—independent walking tour of central historic district.
Dinner in--takeout

10—pick up Canal Bike http://www.canal.nl/en/product.php?pr_id=146&cat_id=7&theme_id=2
(canal bike 2 hours?)
Head over to Alber CuypMarket http://www.amsterdam.info/shopping/albert_cuypmarkt/
Anne Frank House (open till 10, can reserve online http://www.annefrank.org/content.asp?PID=754&LID=2

Dinner in

Larry and Dan meet up for either 11 am bike tour with
or 1 pm bike tour with http://www.yellowbike.nl/en/biketours/big-city-tour-amsterdam
Amy goes to Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.
Meet back up 4 pm. Vondelpark
Dinner out—Indonesian?

Thursday—Daytrip to Gouda.
http://www.vvvgouda.nl/index.php? id=13&lang=13
Cheese market 10-12:30, Weighing House and cheese museum, Stroopwafel bakery tour, St Janskerk
Dinner out

Friday—Get to Schiphol so Dan can meet up with bike trip at 8:30. Amy and Larry take 9:20 train (downstairs) to Paris.

Comments (5)

I am so happy to hear that you are going back to Europe!! Yippeeeee!!!

Great itinerary, but you forgot the Sex Museum!! I went to Amsterdam with a friend back in 1999. We had a great time. We laughed so much that our stomachs hurt while touring the Sex Museum. It was the highlight of our stay.

On a more somber note, I loved both the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. I also visited the Anne Frank House, a place I will never forget and

Whoops...I meant to finish that sentence. I was still waiting for the ball to finish spinning on a comment I wrote on Annie's blog that was not posting when I clicked the wrong tab and clicked post for you...can you see I am still in jet lag hazeville?

Back to Anne Frank. I think that those getting us into wars (those in power) should visit places like Anne Frank's House.

I loved Amsterdam! The Anne Frank house is so moving, and both of those art museums are great.

And I see you have a "?" next to Indonesian - I highly recommend eating the Rijstaffel while you're there - awesome!

Have a great trip!


Looks like an interesting itinerary, Amy. I'm envious, I haven't yet visited Amsterdam but I've always been intrigued.

Amy, I am very excited for you. I absolutely loved Amsterdam when we were there last fall. I second Annie's comment that you MUST eat Indonesian food while you're there. I waited until our last night to try it, and I wished I had had the opportunity to eat more of it. Enjoy!

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