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Back Home

I was vindicated early this morning in insisting on taking a shared shuttle to CDG instead of the bus or RER. At exactly 5:30 am, the heavens opened up in a huge thunderburst, and torrential downpours. Water ran down the streets, and it would have been hellish dragging suitcases to the Metro. Our poor driver wans't faring much better, straining to see street names in pitch dark and pouring rain to pick up other passengers.

As we walked toward the Security line at CDG, it wasn't the heavens that opened up, but enormous holes in the roof of terminal 2E. It was if two giant showers had turned on. Airport personnel and passengers just stared, transfixed. Eventually there was lots of shouting into walkie talkies and phones, as the rainwater was spreading into huge pools. And as we went upstairs to our gate, the lights went out. Thank goodness for emergency backup, because the computers, emergency lights, and blessed coffeemaker was still working.

Easy flight from CDG to JFK, and then the usual hurry and wait scene at JFK, where our flight was delayed, then delayed again, and then boarded and sat on the runway for an hour. Sound familiar? I swear, no more connecting flights through NY airports. I can drive there faster.

Home eventually. Lucy the hairball is very glad to see us, Sara the housesitter has cleaned out the litterbox, and the laundry is in and Chinese food delivery underway.

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Welome back home! I enjoyed reading about your travels. You sure had "intersting" travel experiences to and from Europe this time. Great description of the flooding at the airport. I could just picture the scene. I would have been a little freaked when the power went out. You probably could have drove home faster than your delay at JFK.


Welcome home, Amy!
I have loved reading your journey day by day. Lovely photos and words...thanks so much!
Au 'voir,


Glad to hear that you made it home in one piece, Amy. Yikes -- CDG really is a nightmare! But JFK isn't sounding so good either.

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