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Ugh. Migraine last night, for the first time in years and years. Of course I no longer had meds, so was reduced to overdosing on Tylenol PM and whimpering with a cold washcloth over my eyes in between bouts of nausea. Larry was at Evan's camp for Dad's weekend, so I only had Lucy for sympathy. A hot shower at 3 am helped, but that was it for sleep. I feel more human now, but rather wiped out from the PM part of the Tylenol.

So, now that I'm home, I need to be serious about the next trip, the Dreaded Cruise with the MIL. Alaska part is done, with bookings for fishing, kayaking, and whale watching. The weather looks to be horrid, oh joy. We begin with three days in Seattle, which I've done nothing about beyond booking a place to stay. Must read guidebook, Or I will be forced to post a thread on SlowTrav entitled "I'm Going to Seattle, What's Good To See there?" and I will likely be stoned by my fellow Mods.

In other news, my cat is an embarrassment. The trip to the vet was composed of endless repetitions of me saying, "Really, she is so not like this at home. Really really. She's so easy going and laid back," and the vet, who is attempting to wrestle the cat with the help of his not-nearly-paid-enough assistant plus me, so he can put the vaccination needle in without putting out someone's eye, repeating, She's high-energy, isn't she?"/"Wow, it's like the rodeo./She's not happy about this, is she?" Then, the utter indignity of having the huge clump of matted fur she developed while we were away clipped from her belly. The trials of having unmanageable hair, and I can so relate.

Poor Lucy's still sulking.

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Where did you ever find that photo? I really feel for you. Wish I lived nearby. I would have given you some of my meds.

I did chuckle a bit about your mods comment. I lived in Washington for two years. There is Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and an Underground Tour (I never did that one but heard it is fun). The Zoo and the Aquarium are also pretty cool. Oh, and maybe you could go looking for the orginal Starbucks, sort of like a hunt! Or better yet, send your MIL on this hunt :)

Hope you are feeling better!!

We're off to Seattle next year - be sure and scope out all of the 'must see's' LOL!


I had to do a double take to see if you w were getting stoned with you fellow moderators or by them. The former sounds more appealing to me. :) Must get coffee now.


Yeah, I'm also thinking that getting stoned WITH your fellow mods might solve a lot of problems, including how to cope with a P.O.ed cat (altho I suppose it would be too late to help you with that migraine, yikes -- those are hellish!)

Good luck with the Seattle planning! It's promising, tho, that the rest of the MIL cruise has been arranged.

Ouch the migraine sounds awful! Good luck with the planning...

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