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For your amusement, here's a photo of my son Evan's bunk at camp. When he comes home, we empty out the trunk in the driveway, and throw out all the socks and t shirts that are beyond bleach.


And here's Evan. Filthy and happy. As you might guess, it's an all-boy camp. He's in Construction Cabin this year, where they actually build a new cabin. I try to not think about him atop a scaffolding with a hammer. I did send him off with a tetanus shot, however.

We got this postcard from Dan, mailed from Ghent. (He's the one in the Red Sox shirt) He's on a teen bike trip from Amsterdam to Paris.The postcard read "Having a great time, its a fun trip. See you soon." He's not much for details, my son. I spoke to him a few days ago, and he sounded really happy. He said we'd love Belgium; Ghent and Brughes are cool. Heh. Nice to be getting travel recommendations from my kid!

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Amy, those are great pictures.
The one of Evan takes me back to my summer camp days. Minus the construction, of course.
Tell me that Dan is at least taking some pictures that you will be able to share with us.

Way to go spreading that Red Sox "nation" abroad! Cool camp. Where is it located?


Evan is at Camp Becket in the Berkshires, an oldfashioned YMCA camp. Dan is biking with AAVE, a teen adventure outfit. He earned much of cost himself doing housepainting. And its much more fun to travel without your parents!

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