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Friday--At Sea, Victoria


We spent Friday at sea between Ketchikan and Victoria, British Columbia. From what I understand, there's some Maritime law that the cruise ships need to comply with in order to not be classified as ferries that makes then stop in a non-American port. In any case, it gave Larry and the boys the opportunity to sing "Oh Canada" all evening until I threatened some minor domestic violence. I think Larry has been to far too many hockey games.

It was interesting hearing about McCain's choice of running mate just a day after visiting Ketchikan. Sorry, but Ketchikan is no preparation for the complexities of heading the US. And from what I saw of Ketchikan, with the town under control of cruise ship companies, its even more frightening.

We spent the day sitting on the venandah, enjoying the increasing warmth, or at least the lessening of the bone-chilling wind we've been experiencing. We crammed our clothes into suitcases. The boys played pingpong, watched movies, and enjoyed the last day of room service snacks. I am a little concerned that when we get home Dan will use his cellphone to call me downstairs and ask for a cheese steak sandwich and fries to be sent up.


As we approached Victoria, the winds picked up dramatically. We watched as the boat inched its way toward the pier, and backed in with only a minor thump. The wind was whipping when we walked off the gangway, and some of the aunts decided to return to the ship instead of going into the city. There was a huge line of passengers waiting for shuttle buses ($6 a head) so we grabbed a cab ($9 for five of us) for the short trip to the Inner Harbor. What we saw of Victoria seemed lovely, with many little victorian homes and a lively harbor area. Musicians, buskers, a crafts market, crowds of residents and tourists. At night, the government buildings were outlined in lights. We walked around while Dan priced hockey shirts. Sharon and I got lost inside the Lush store until we got dragged out.

We ate in an excellent Indian restaurant (finally, food with real flavor!) and then grabbed a cab back to the ship. We learned that the ship which came in after us was still out in the harbor, it being too windy for it to dock or send passengers in by tender. A last drink in the Crow's Nest with the whole family, and we said our goodbyes.


And here's tonight's towel animal on the bed. Home tomorow.

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Yep - you were on Holland American and I was on a Carnival Cruise Line, but there seem to be some real similarities. Our favorite towel animal (and exactly what is that all about, anyway?) was a BAT, suspended from the air conditioning unit and wearing my grandson's dark glasses! It was hysterical.

Thanks again for your wonderful blog entries.


Brenda English:

Sounds like the cruise was good, in spite of your apprehensions! I think you hit some typically wet weather along the west coast of B.C. and up to Alaska.
Thanks so much for blogging...I've read it daily!

That's the first I have heard of animal towels. I guess I have missed a lot not being on a cruise! Sounds like you survived your trip!

Too bad you were a day late hearing the scoop from the Alaskan's on the VP choice.


We got towel creatures in Disney World; wonder where those pictures are...

That VP nominee ... well, let's just say the JM made my choice in November much easier.


I love that towel animal, very cool! I hope you enjoyed your cruise, Amy. It sounded like a lot of fun.

And Victoria is a nice city to visit!

What do I have to do to get a towel animal?? That is too cool! Wonder if it is only a cruise ship thing...

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