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Sleepy in Seattle

Travel yesterday was frighteningly easy, especially compared to the fun and games of missed connections and delays of the Europe trip. I could have done without the obnoxious cabbie who regaled us with his scary political views as the overblown rants of talk radio blared from the speakers. If anyone ever starts a "Silence is Golden" cab service, sign me up. In any case, flights both left on time, and our luggage was on the belt 15 minutes after landing in Sea-Tac. See, Logan Airport baggage slowpokes, it can be done.

Apologies to everyone in Seattle, but as soon as our plane landed, the week of beautiful weather dissolved into raindrops.

The rental house is very cute, comfy, and right around the corner from the University shopping center. Went over to Zao's Noodle Bar last night, had an excellent meal, and then poured ourselves into bed.

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Sorry to hear you missed the good weather. Seattle is so beautiful when it is sunny.

My only experience in the University area was coming out of a bookstore and finding a man just wearing jeans with a huge snake (boa) wrapped around his neck sitting on the hood of my car. I was by myself and pretty freaked out.

Love your Logan Airport baggage description! Have fun and watch out for snakes!


Hey Amy, glad everything went smoothly! Can't wait to hear more about the trip!

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