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Back to School Bullet Points

* I have preschool Back-to-School night tonight. Believe me, those of you who have sat in the tiny seats for these things--it's far worse when you're standing in front facing a sea of parents who are more frightened than their children will be this week. I tell the mommies, we hug you too.

* I will shortly be going to Staples for the third time this weekend. I kid you not.

* Eldest son was supposed to take AP Government, and was instead given AP Psychology. No one is happy about this. His new guidance counselor told him the class is full, and is not returning my phone calls.

* Youngest son's desk is already in danger of being classified as a hazardous waste dump.

* This year's "What were they thinking?" names from my class include some oldfashioned and new age-y novelties; although no Daniel or Max for the first time in years. Two Bens, though.

* Already behind in paperwork.

* Need to plan out more college visits with eldest son, in between other weekend obligations.

* Must finish classroom prep--new charts, info for parents, plan activities for transitioning into school. There goes today.

* Time for an afternoon espresso.

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Ahhh, the getting ready for the first day of school. Fun Fun Fun!! I am going to have remember your line "we hug you too." So far my most unique "what were they thinking" name has been "Ocean". Bummer about your son (not the hazardous waste dump desk, but the Psychology instead of Government). Have a great first week of school! I have 4 more weeks and our 1st quarter is over!

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