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Chicken Paprikash


This is a wonderful dish, but its crucial to use a good paprika. I have paprika that my parents brought back from Hungary, both sweet and hot. A good grocery store will have the red and white cans of Szeged paprika, which is far and away better than American brands. I've also found that fullfat sour cream is really important, as the lower fat ones will curdle. I just adjusted the recipe to use less.

Chicken Paprikash

6 large bone-in chicken thighs or breast halves, skin removed
1/4 cup flour, mixed with salt and pepper to taste
2 Tbs. olive oil
2 large onions, sliced
salt and pepper
1 sweet red pepper, sliced
3 Tbs. good paprika, either all sweet or 1/2 sweet and 1/2 hot
1/4 cup diced tomatoes, fresh or canned
1/2 cup dry white wine
2 cups chicken broth
1/4 cup sour cream, or more

1. Lightly dredge the skinned chicken in the flour/salt/pepper. Heat the oil in a large skillet, and crown the chicken on all sides until golden. Remove to a plate.


2. Put the peppers and onions in the pan (you may need a bit more oil) and let cook over medium heat until softened. Add salt and pepper to taste, around 1 tsp. salt.


3. Turn heat down to low. Sprinkle the mixture with the paprika, stir around, and then add the chicken, mix to coat, and then add the tomatoes, broth, and wine. Mix well. If needed, add a bit more wine so the liquid and vegetables come at least halfway up the chicken.


4. Cover, and let gently simmer for 40 minutes if using breasts, 1 hour if using thighs. Turn the chicken halfway through. Your sauce should be a deep reddish brown. Taste for salt.


5. Remove from heat. Stir some of the sauce into the sour cream to temper it, and then mix it into the pot. Do not boil.

6. Gently reheat (this can be made a day in advance of serving), and serve over egg noodles.


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Amy, you ever try freezing this?


Kim, I think I'd freeze it before adding the sour cream, to preserve the silky texture. Just add the sour cream a few minutes before serving.


Cool; I'm hoping to do some cooking and freezing when we get back from Italy.

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