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Questions of the Day


When did "yum yum" get replaced by"nom nom"?

Why do small children choose to vomit when they're sitting on my lap?

Why does College Board give three different timeframes for reporting SAT scores to colleges? And why can't you talk to someone there who actually knows what the hell they're doing?

What is the appropriate response when someone who you don't really know well asks "Can I tell you something?" and you really, really want to repond "NO! Go AWAY!"

Is there anything more essential to mental health that keeping tabs on Cute Overload?

Is it Friday yet?

Why do bad things have to happen to good people?

Why does Connecticut exist? Seriously, why? I have spent a fair portion of my life driving through it getting between Boston and New York, and I don't get it.

Why, when some jackass makes an ethnic or racial comment, do they always say "No offense", as if that stops it from being offensive?

Have I finished my school newsletter yet? Don't answer that.

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You know, I've often had the same feelings about Delaware? :D

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