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A Year on the Needles

I am a very lazy knitter. I hate to fuss too much with complex patterns, and my idea of heaven is a start-to-finish project I can whip up over a weekend. I have slogged on through some larger pieces this year, going back to the fast-and-dirty projects as needed to give myself something new to work on when I get bored with the sweater piece that just doesn't seem to be getting finished.

Here's what I've finished during 2008.

A shawl/scarf in the old feather-and-fan pattern, in a pretty lavender cashmere blend. I also made one in blue, and gave it to a friend. I wear this with my black coat.

A ribbon yarn cropped top for the daughter of a friend. I love knitting for kids, everything is so small it goes fast!

The sweater that Ate My Summer. It was actually an easy pattern, but using the thin mohair yarn on large needles was a pain in the neck. I actually started this in 2007, and put it away in disgust until I forced myself to finish. It also sheds like crazy, covering me and everything else in mohair. Still, its a lot of fun to wear.

Triangle Shawl, made from some strange twisted yarn I got on sale. I wear this a lot. I also made other triangle shawls for gifts this year, they knit up very quickly.

Detail of baby blanket. Made of ugly white acrylic, but at least its washable. Same pattern as the lavendar shawl. Looks complicated, but its a four-row repeat, very simple.


My first hat! Made out of crazy odds and ends for Kim's hat party.

I just finished this felted hat tonight. This is cute, I'll be making more! Anyone want one? It took me two days. Felting is like magic--you knit this big floppy thing, shrink it in the washing machine, and it gets thick and felted. You dry it to shape over a bowl, and there you go.

Here's a lousy photo of me wearing the new hat. Oh yeah, I also made the scarf.

There's also a sweater being worked on, that's in a bag somewhere in the closet. I think I'll pull it out for the drive to NY next week.

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I am very impressed! That is a lot of knitting in one year. I love the pattern of the shawl/scarf.

I knit a pair of mittens in Jr. High (still have them). That has been the extent of my knitting.


Amy, you do NOT sound like a lazy knitter -- that's a remarkable output for one year.

And everything looks lovely (I love your felted hats!)


I have to agree with girasoli and Sandra - this does not look like the output of a lazy knitter!

I especially love the first shawl/scarf. I knit shawls for the prayer shawl ministry at my church and am thinking this would be a lovely pattern. I have been knitting with a very basic k3,p3 pattern (because I figure how comforting can a "shawl of comfort" be if I knit it in a state of angst and frustration over a complicated pattern?!) I must google the feather and fan pattern and see if it might be easy enough for me. Interesting to hear that the triangle shawls knit up quickly too...one of the other ladies has been knitting that shape for prayer shawls and I've been wondering how on earth she manages to pump out so many of them!


Anne, feather and fan is a very easy pattern--just a four row repeat, no fancy stitches. Just knits, purls, yarn-overs, and knit-2-togethers. A simple triangle is just garter stitch and yarn overs at the ends to make the triangle "grow." E-mail if you want and I can send you the patterns.

Terry (teaberry):

Amy, you're really good! They're beautiful.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

You have done well to get these all done!
That hat is precious. I have made a few too~ but never felted. Maybe that will be next on the needles.

I love the feather and fan pattern piece that you show. I have just started a baby blanket in that pattern and am inspired to see how pretty it looks finished. Mine is lavender, too.
Thanks for all these great photos.

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