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NYC and Back Home

We've been in NYC over the past several days. As usual with our trips to NY, we have so many family comittments we barely have time to see or do anything of more interest than breakfast at my parent's apartment or dealing with Larry's mother's vcr traumas. Please, don't ask. Really.

In any case, we saw my parents, both my sisters, the parent's puppy (still cheerfully insane, but thankfully housebroken), sister S's fiancee, my extended family for Jewish Christmas in Chinatown, Larry's mother, Larry's mother's vcr, and at Dan's request, the Second Avenue Deli for an overpriced but truly excellent hot pastrami sandwich. We did sneak out for lunch with friends. Shh, don't tell Larry's mother.

I've been a very bad blogger, and didn't blog or even take photos. However, you do get a photo of Leni the Psychotic Feral Cat who comes with the loaned apartment of friends of my parents where we stayed. My parents live in a one-bedroom NY apartment; and six people staying there is just not fun. Thankfully, their friends S & L go away every year, and let Larry and I stay in their apartment on West 97th.

Leni is under her blanket, where she stays when she's not growling and hissing from on top of the bed in the other room. Last year we thought we wouldn't be able to use the bed, until we figured how to get Leni off without us suffering scratches from shoulder to knee.
I swear, you can almost hear this cat thinking "Assholes! Assholes! Go Away! Not my People!"

She stays there and growls whenever someone tries to sit on the sofa. However, we did learn that leftover Chicken lo mein gets her almost sociable. She took a sliver of chicken from me, and then hissed, spat, and ran back under the blanket.

After four days, she decided it was ok to sit on top of the blanket and glare at us. ("Assholes! Get more chicken!") See you next year, Leni. We'll bring chicken.


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Amy, I had to laugh at this post. I first took a peek at it when I woke up this morning and somehow saw the Assholes! Assholes! Go Away! part and was in shock! Amy speaking these words about her vacation? :)

Now I get it after reading the entire post! What a nasty cat (and I am usually a cat lover).

Maybe your mil should take the big leap and get a dvd recorder. I have one (not one that goes with the cable company but one that is programmed just like a VCR only it is much much better! It uses DVD-Ram disks that you can record over tons of times just like vcr tapes and they are much thinner.


Hilarious, Amy, what a holiday! Well, for everyone except Leni, sounds like he/she does NOT like company.

Mind you, a pink apartment would probably put me over the edge as well. (But I shouldn't mock the decor when your friends are kind enough to lend out their apartment, cat and all!)


Susan, part of the problem is that MIL refuses to get cable, insists on recording countless programs she wants to keep forever, and is not good at processing new information or instructions. All I can say is that my husband is a Very Good Son.

Sandra, believe me, I'd also be certifiable if I had to spend a lot of time in that apartment. Lovely people, but home decor is not one of their strengths.


Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy, healthy and safe New Year!
Peace and blessings to all!


Thanks for the laugh,Amy. Glad that you are back home. Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!

Happy New Year Amy. Hope it is fabulous!!

No cable?? Does she know it is 2009 (or almost)? What is she doing with the new change over to digital? I guess I should not even ask. It sounds like your husband is quite the good son :)

Dear lord - that sounds just like my mother's cat. I live in fear of mom going away for a few weeks and asking us to cat sit. Even after three weeks her bevahiour is threatening (the cats, not mom's) - just the thing for some sort of horror flick!


I don't know what was funnier, your story of the cat, or Girasoli suggestng Larry's mom get a DVR :D!

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