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Answers to the "Ask Me" Meme

How did you become a pre-school teacher?

After college, I was working as a litigation paralegal for a large Boston law firm. Like every good Jewish girl from New Jersey in the 80's, I was going to go to law school. A few years working with lawyers showed me how utterly miserable many of them were, no matter how interesting the work. I reevaluated. I remembered how exciting it had been working with kids in a city arts center during college, and thought I'd enjoy working with children. So, I went back to school for education instead of law. Working with preschoolers has a lot in common with working with lawyers, just with a lot more pee.

Amy, Amy I have an "idea" for you.
I love kids and I don't get to see many, so since you work with kids, and we are all about travel and vacations, how about you "interview" few kids in you class regarding their "favorite" idea of vacation. A trip they have taken with their family? Some place they have seen Dora go to. Whatever, you can invoke their imaginations!

Candi, I actually did that a few months ago when we were doing a Transportation unit. I'll copy their dictations for a future blog entry, they're very funny.

Barb Cabot:
How did you meet your husband? Just curious...since Valentine's day is coming up.

Barb, we met while working at a summer camp, in 1977. I was a Junior Counselor, he was the Athletics counselor. Guess which ST member was a camper at the camp at that time?

Okay, I'm curious about your collection of artwork with pomegranates. And are there other things you collect?

Annie, I'll do a photo post for you another day. Besides things with pomegranates on them, I've collected Hall teapots (depression-era deco teapots which I can no longer afford), cookbooks on Jewish cooking, and Pueblo Storyteller figures.

Amy, where is this photo taken?

Candi and Sandra, the photo was taken in Diano d'Alba, a small town in Piemonte, from the portico of a church.


And what is your favourite place in all of the world?
And (just to be mischievous) what do you think was the worst post you have ever seen on Slow Travel? I leave you to define "worst."

Sandra, my favorite place in the world is wherever I happen to be vacationing at that time. *grin* But so far, my favorite places, the ones I long to return to, are Paris, Haifa, Wellfleet, and Piemonte. The worst post on SlowTrav? I'd have to say the ones that are deliberately cruel on a personal level, posted with the intention to hurt feelings.

Ooh, the power (wringing my hands and twirling my thin mustache). Hmmm....don't want to waste it, Okay "What is the airspeed velocity of a laden sparrow?" :D

Kim, African or European? *grin*

Mindy :
Amy, who is your favorite FoodTV chef?
Favorite breakfast memory?

Alton Brown. He has good technique, knows ingredients, respects traditions yet isn't afraid to make changes if it works better, and really understands the "why" behind flavors and why food behaves as it does.

Favorite breakfast memory. Probably the lousy coffee and mystery omelette on my first flight to Paris, my honeymoon in 1990.

Amy, who designed your kitchen and can you send them to St. Louis to work similar magic on mine?

http://baystatekitchendesign.com/index.html We were one of his first clients, and probably remain one of his smallest kitchens. *grin* He made every inch count, came in on budget, got us lovely cabinets, and worked like a dream with our contractor. Demo to finish in nine weeks.

Cindy Ruth:
My question is who was the ST camper while you were a Counseler? And did you keep in touch with them all of these years, or did you just discover this later?

We discovered this long-ago connection while in conversation in Marian's kitchen two years ago. See below for answer!

Barb Cabot:
Amy, have any photos of that summer in '77 at the camp you can post? Wow, that's a cute story. Also my guess on the ST'er at the camp...maybe Kim? Please tell. Also loved your response to Kim's question. You're so funny!

You guessed right, Barb! And sorry, no photos that I'm aware of.

If you had to live in a different part of the U.S, where would it be?
Funniest thing a student ever said in your class?

Humn. Somewhere close to the coast, an urban area. Probably northern California, or Seattle.

Funniest thing? I'll have to think about that. Preschoolers misuse words in hysterically funny ways and have no personal boundaries, so there have been some howlers. It's common to be doing some group storytelling and things like "My daddy makes brown poop" not get put into the written documentation. And I always get asked where I sleep (because of course I don't exist outside of school); and on my birthday my age ranges between 14 and a million.

Were you originally a fan of the evil empire? When was the last time you went to a Red Sox game?

I was born in Boston, but most of my childhood was in New Jersey, so both the Sox and the Yankees are in my blood. One of Larry and my first dates was to a Yankees game, back in the Reggie Jackson, Thurmon Munson, Bucky Dent days. When I was in college in Boston you used to be able to pick up seats at Fenway for under $10. I last went to a Sox game last summer, and went to training camp in Fort Meyers when we were on Sanibel last February. Sadly, ticket prices at Fenway have made casually going to games a thing of the past. We do try to go once a year for the boys' birthdays.

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Barb Cabot:

Amy, thanks for a great post and a chance to learn a little bit more about you.
Gee so you and Kim go back a ways. Nice to have such continuity in friendships.


Amy, I had to laugh at the at your comparison between lawyers and kids, very funny.
And your age is between 14 and million, I can relate, my friend's baby always thinks I am 100 years old:)
I guess he is proud he knows the number. LOL.
I'll be looking forward to your post for the kids' trevel questions.

Amy this was a great post - kids do say the oddest things at times before they have learned all about 'conformity' don't they? It's been 12 years since I've last been in a classroom as a teacher and have forgotten about that!

What a great post. Thanks for sharing all of this info about yourself.


Very interesting post, Amy! I'm definitely adding Piedmonte to my must-see list.

I look forward to the kids' comments on their ideal vacation.

And I can somewhat relate to your age range -- a friend's young daughter suspects I'm a giant (I hope she hasn't confused me with an ogre....)

This is awesome, Amy! Thanks for sharing! And how cool that you and Kim were at the same camp - it is a small world and all that.

I love reading about your kids at school, it is so obvious that you love what you do and that you are a great teacher. And the stories are funny too!

I really enjoyed reading this! Love small world stories. And can't wait to hear from the kids on travel.

I really enjoyed reading all of the questions and your answers. Didn't know you grew up in New Jersey. So who do you root for when the Sox play the Yankees? I know what you mean about the cost. The last game I went to was in 2003. I was just shocked with the parking cost!

I love asking kids how old the think I am and especially love the answers when they say I am in my twenties :)

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