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Ask me a question. Any question. I'll answer in the comments or in future blog entries. No topic is off limits, but I reserve the right to say no or respond privately.

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Barb Cabot:

How did you meet your husband? Just curious...since Valentine's day is coming up.

Okay, I'm curious about your collection of artwork with pomegranates. And are there other things you collect?

Beautiful photo!

Amy, where is this photo taken?


Amy, I love that photo! And what a unique (and clever) post!

I'm going to ask 3 questions: Where was that photo taken? And what is your favourite place in all of the world?

And (just to be mischievous) what do you think was the worst post you have ever seen on Slow Travel? I leave you to define "worst."


Ooh, the power (wringing my hands and twirling my thin mustache). Hmmm....don't want to waste it, Okay "What is the airspeed velocity of a laden sparrow?" :D


Barb, we met while working at a summer camp, in 1977. I was a Junior Counselor, he was the Athletics counselor. Guess which ST member was a camper at the camp at that time?

Annie, I'll do a photo post for you another day.

Candi and Sandra, the photo was taken in Diano d'Alba, a small town in Piemonte, from the portico of a church.

Sandra, my favorite place in the world is where I happen to be vacationing at that time. The worst post on SlowTrav? I'd have to say the ones that are deliberately cruel on a personal level, posted with the intention to hurt feelings.

Kim, African or European? *grin*

How did you become a pre-school teacher?

Amy, Amy I have an "idea" for you.
I love kids and I don't get to see many, so since you work with kids, and we are all about travel and vacations, how about you "interview" few kids in you class regarding their "favorite" idea of vacation. A trip they have taken with their family? Some place they have seen Dora go to. Whatever, you can invoke their imaginations!

Mindy :

Amy, who is your favorite FoodTV chef?
Favorite breakfast memory?

Fun blog post :-)

Amy, who designed your kitchen and can you send them to St. Louis to work similar magic on mine?

My question is who was the ST camper while you were a Counseler? And did you keep in touch with them all of these years, or did you just discover this later?

Barb Cabot:

Amy, have any photos of that summer in '77 at the camp you can post? Wow, that's a cute story. Also my guess on the ST'er at the camp...maybe Kim? Please tell. Also loved your response to Kim's question. You're so funny!


Great idea!

If you had to live in a different part of the U.S, where would it be?

Funniest thing a student ever said in your class?


I'm guessing Kim.
And I'm loving all the ideas for blog posts. Good move, Amy!

Marta took my question, so I will go with a baseball question (2 actually). Were you originally a fan of the evil empire? When was the last time you went to a Red Sox game?

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