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Cambria and Paso Robles

Blue skies, some overhanging clouds to the north! Larry and I walked a short stretch of the boardwalk along the beach in front of the hotel. Lovely place to walk or run.


After I made obscene noises over the homemade salsa served with the scrambled aggs at breakfast, we headed to the edge of Cambria for some hiking. Large parcels of land have been turned into a Greenspace, with miles of hiking trails and boardwalks. We started at the Fiscalini Ranch Reserve, and followed a spectacular trail along the bluffs over the sea, eventually wnding up high over the hills. There were a few enormous benches made of driftwood, wildflowers were starting to bloom (Marta, I'll be asking you to identify some plants), and we spotted a few sea otters in the surf. It was about two miles, a nice walk.





From here, we headed down the road to Morro Bay. Much more of a simpler beach town, with small houses clustered between the highway and the beach. Morro Rock is an enormous volcanic "plug" rising out of the water you can spot from miles away, sadly with some sort of industrial plant right in back of it. We took the top down on the car, and I'm glad I'm not the one who complained about the wind. Larry wanted to take a look at San Luis Obispo, so we headed there next. Very nice downtown area, and we sampled some olive oils and spreads before buying tapenade and oil.


Over to Paso Robles next. We wanted some Mexican food, so we chanced it on a little place in a strip mall. An abuela-looking woman in the kitchen, and Spanish being spoken at the tables were good signs. Had wonderful fresh tacos and burritos--for about 1/5 of what we paid for lunch the day before.

Drove around and visited a few wineries on "Shannon's List" before the boys mutinied. We'd love to return here--the wineries are small, unpretentious (well, most of them), the people take the time to talk, and we liked many of the wines. Bought a few bottles, wish we had the space to bring more home.


Beautiful drive over the hills back to Cambria. Larry and I headed back up to visit the Elephant Seals. Rather a different mood on the beach tonight, as the males have decided it's Date Night. Elephant Seal porn is rather disturbing, as the males relentlessly pursue the females. We saw several groups of males chasing a female down the beach until she got jumped by one of them. Look at their expressions--"C'mon honey." "Not tonight dear, I have a headache."


After looking through some menues of local restaurants (food seemed mostly overly fussy or cute, and entries over $20 ) we ate dinner at Wild Ginger. Really delicious, Pan-Asian food. Still expensive, but a wonderful meal. Humn. Need to be taking some food photos!

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Mom and Dad:

This isn't for posting--We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying following you around CA--and how envious we are in spite of the weather! Hope the sun follows you to the end.

I'm so happy the sun came out for you! Great photos. Awesome driftwood bench! (And your son looks sooo happy! ;) ) I love that boardwalk along the coast in Cambria. We'll check out the walk from Fiscalini Ranch when we're back in Cambria in May.


I am so glad that it has stopped raining - love that convertible picture. And I am happy that you are having such a good time in some in our favorite places. I like to think that our children's grown-up love of wine and wineries comes, in part, from their days of mutiny in the vineyards on trips with the 'rents.

Wonderful entry, Amy! I am enjoying catching up on your California posts. I know this area a little bit and find it very enjoyable. San Luis O is so nice, isn't it? And I agree that the industrial plant right next to Morro Rock is awful!!

Thank goodness you finally got some sun. I know what you mean about Paso Robles - it is so nice to visit a spot where you aren't surrounded by attitude!

Lovely photos. Glad you're seeing sun -- it's dreary and snow!sleet!rain! here in NYC.

(but did she push her sister's book at any of those wineries? I bet she did not. :-P )

Terry (teaberry):

Great shots, Amy. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Rather indiscreet, those seals. Were they posing?


Amy, these are lovely photos! It sounds like you're finally getting some good weather, and having a wonderful time. I love that car!

Hooray for the sun! Beautiful photos. I am enjoying following you along the California Coast. Cambria looks lovely. Bet you didn't put seal porn on your itinerary :)

Great photos. And Yes, some sunshine and top is down!

Great photos, Amy! Glad you're getting some good weather.

It looks like you're seeing some great things on your trip. Sounds like so much fun.

I'm enjoying this vicarious trip with you guys!


Your photos tell the story. You are having a great trip!


Glad that the weather is improving. Love the photos. It sounds like a great trip.


Cambria is one of my favorite places! I thought I would live there someday. Haven't been there for awhile, and I miss it!

Amy - Sounds like a great trip. I'm sorry to hear the weather didn't cooperate around Monterey. It can be so beautiful but unpredictable.

Thanks for the fun read.

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