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Mother Nature Isn't Cooperating

The latest weather forcast for rain, rain, and oh yes, did we mention heavy rains for central and southern California for the next ten days do not make me a happy camper.

May need to revamp the SF to LA Road Trip plans significantly. Driving the coast road in a downpour and sitting in our hotel room looking out at the sodden beach does not sound like the ideal break from the lousy weather in Boston.

Rats. Ah well. Can't be worse than coastal Alaska was in August--low 40's and with a cold rain. I think the reason why the boys are smirking in the photo was to keep their teeth from chattering.


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I'm so bummed! :( We really need the rain, but couldn't it have waited until *after* your vacation?
Colleen, hoping the fickle weather gods take pity on Amy and her family

Hopefully it will change!

(And regarding the Alaska photo - that is why I don't like vacationing in Norway anymore - I love sun and heat too much. I don't want to risk wearing four layers in July!)

That's not good at all! I hope the weatherman or weatherwoman is wrong! AND I hope you stay well and don't get sick from your kids. At first, I thought this was a photo of you already in California until I saw you on twitter. Fingers and toes are crossed for you that the weather cooperates.


And our January was so nice and warm - hope your trip is not only cold and rain - are you on your way now? Forecast for the next several days is not great, with snow for the passes, so we're happy we're flying up north this weekend. If you find yourselves in our part of the state and need to dry off, give me a shout.

It will change - I have my fingers crossed . . .


Ahh, Amy, the best laid plans . . .

As I understand it, there are three SoCal storms in a row, but there is some sunshine in between.

Your letter is the letter L :)

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