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My Google Maps Addiction


I'd never really paid much attention to google Maps, just using it as a tool to find sites when trip planning, to find routes, or to estimate distances. Just for chuckles, I started making a map for our upcoming Californa trip. I started with putting on the sites we wanted to visit along the coast. OK, then I started researching Mexican restaurants in LA on Chowhound. Before I knew it, I was adding restaurants, shops, hotel possibilities, beaches, taco truck stands, state parks, interesting driving routes, museums, and anything else that came my way. Hello, where did the last two hours go?

Now, to make this thing really usable. Could it be somehow plugged into the GPS? Five seconds of research showed that yes, that little "send" button on the right can be used to send your pinpointed sites to your Garmin GPS!

For the curious, here are my two maps, still being worked on:

San Francisco to LA Road Trip:
View Larger Map

Los Angeles:
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Excellent! You know, I'm running some tests with IB to incorporate these maps on the site without having to re-add everything in the SlowTrav system. If it works, would love to use yours :).


I think the Road Trip one would be most useful to others--Not sure everyone really needs to know where the knitting shops are in Santa Monica. *grin*

Thanks for sharing this. I never really played much with google maps because I always just plug in my destination to my Garmin, and "Jill" takes me there. But now that I know I can send my destinations to my Jill, I shall start mapping my trips.


You've inspired me, Amy! I've admired other people's Google maps, I think I'm going to try to do a few of my own.


Inspired me too. I did one for potential Paris apartment rentals.

You have some great choices here . . . if you're staying near the airport in SF we got a great deal at the Hyatt - $ 75 - on Priceline. It was a very nice hotel.

Who knew that there were knitting shops in california! LOL


Looks like a fun trip. You'll be near my old stomping grounds at Warner Bros Studios, I did my xray training in Burbank, CA. I grew up (I use that term lightly) in Sun Valley, CA, just a stone's throw away.
I love your google map, great job! I'll have to give it a try.

I haven't played with them yet, it looks like a lot of fun. I bet I'll get addicted too!

Awesome! Good job. I'll have to look into this and see if I can make something fun too!

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