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Trip Reports from the Preschool Set

In my 'Ask Me" meme, Candi wondered about travel stories from children. Here are some dictations from my class about their travel experiences. Note that the dictation is taken directly "as is" to preserve the children's exact wording as a way of documenting expressive language. The children range in age from just three to a bit over four.

A few common themes--family, getting there, sleeping, and eating. Preschoolers don't care much about the "must sees." *grin*

I drived on a plane, you know. It was to D.C. where Nana lives. It was a big, big, big plane. I was looking out the window, and I saw a big big cloud. We flew very very very fast. And then we went under the clouds. And then we went in the sky. I saw a rainbow. I don’t know what else I saw. I got two booboos on my thumb. They’re OK.


I went to California. We drove. With my mommy, and Grandma, and big Dan. We played with our stuff. A different Ali lives in California. We visited somebody else.


When I went to Indiana to see my friend, I had a tv that could go in the car, and I could watch whatever I wanted to. Then I went back to my own house. A long time after that I moved to near here. Actually, it wasn’t a long time. My mommy, daddy and brother came, and we drove. Everything went in a truck. My bed, and everything.


I went on an airplane. At a different place. I sat in a passenger seat. I sat on there. I went on a really big airplane. Emma went. And my mom. And my Dad. Really big motors in the airplane, they make it go up. I got a bag of M&M's. I got colorforms.


In a car I went on a trip. I don;t know where. I didn't throw up. I went in a taxi last time to California.


In Canada we watched Scoobie-Doo. And then we picked out some doughnuts. Then we went to Boston. The plane started going faster and faster. The doughnuts were chocolate. And then we took the Boston plane and went back to my house. And I slept in a Spiderman sleeping bag. My Mom and Dad slept in their beds. We woke up and ate breakfast and went to school. You can’t wake anyone up. You need to sleep.


I went to visit my Grandpa. He lives where my Grandma lives, Cape Cod. My Mommy and Daddy drove me there. It took a short time. I played and I had Annie’s. It was a long long time. And now my Grandpa is in Florida. He’s going to bring me to where Grandpa likes to eat. And I went home.

My Dad said to Simon, I’m sorry, we just have to move. And he was sad. He didn’t want to move. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to move. Why is it sometimes hard to move? He would miss his room. He has a trundle bed in his new room, did you know that? I have a new bed. I got it from Jordan’s. That’s a good place. I went on a trip to London. And Cape Cod. I played mini golf.


I went in an airplane up to the sky in the clouds, I saw the ocean too. We went to Italy too. We wnt in a big airplane. And a helicopter too. And I went down in the airplane, and we were there. I sleeped in a big, big bed with Lily. We went places and I had ice cream.

It was so fun because I went swimming thousands and thousands of times in Cape Cod. It was a far drive. They had the beach, and the ice cream truck came. It was so, so fun you can't believe it. You should always go there. Do you know Cape Cod?


I went in a car to New York. My Dad’s car. We always go in the car. We slept in the hotel, a long long time. I wanted the light on. I went to a toy store, and saw the dinosaurs.


I went to Florida to see my Nanny. And I went in a plane, and I saw a movie. But the movie was really really long. It was a fun ride when I was up high, I liked it. There was soda. I was in my Grandma’s house, then I went back to my old house. I went to her pool. I didn't have tennis. I ate bacon.


My Mommy went. And Grandma and Grandpa—we went to visit them. It was so much fun, really. We went in the car. It was a short time. We went a different time, too. Actually, we go a lot.

You know, I went last week to Maine. From a real taxi. And I got off the plane. In a parachute. And then I got on a skateboard and then a bus. And then I went to the bathroom, and then I went home. That was my trip. I found a shell. And then the centipedes went really fast. You pick them up with a grabbing thing and throw them in the toilet.


I went to Florida. On the airplane. I went to see Mickie Mouse. I didn't go on the big rides, cause I cried. And I saw Minnie Mouse, and I went on a fun ride. I had wings in the pool. I want my Mom to see Mickie Mouse.


I went on a trip to Florida. It’s really far, it has fun things. It’s fun to play there. I got there in a car, and a rocket ship. I went with everybody. But not really, 'cause it's pretend. Maybe I'll go when I'm big.


We went to the really really old house. We went to Martha’s Vineyard, and came back. And when I was a baby we went to an older house. We didn’t come back for a long, long time. We have an orange car in Martha’s Vineyard. My uncles are there. We’ve been there for a long, long time. I don’t know why. But not today.

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Thank you so much for posting this,Amy.
It so so cool. I had fun reading it(both times). Isn't amazing how kids react to things. I can't decide which one is my favorite, I liked them all really. Do you notice that many of them used the words long,far and really.
I mean really, how can you not like these?

This is so charming and funny - thanks! Glad to know how to deal with the centipedes if I ever go to Maine. :)

Barb Cabot:

Thanks Amy, Brings back memories when I taught Pre-K full time. I often discussed with other Kinder teachers what our "kids" had said when we were taking a dictation for a painting or journal writing and we'd have a great laugh over what things they would divulge. Oh the stuff that should be just kept in the home. I'm sure thair parents would cringe. I bet you've heard plenty of those stories.


Those are so cute. I loved the ones that remembered what they ATE. They sound like my trip reports!


I also like the emphasis on food, and the one person's memory of getting off the plane, with a parachute. I hope that's only his/her imagination!

Great stories -- my favourite may be the one that plunged right in: "My Dad said to Simon...."


I absolutely love pre-K and K stories. We have lovingly saved our childrens' versions from their classes. One begins "my daddy like to drink beer". And that one was up on the wall at Open House.

These are hilarious! One of my kids said something really funny today. It made me think of this post. I love how innocent kids are and how they will say anything. Loved the comment about the bed from Jordan's and Do you know Cape Cod? Great post!


Love this post! I can relate as I hear similar reports during share time. Maybe I should do this after this long weekend.

The comments reminded me of one of the Kinder comments about Abe Lincoln (in my February info overload) :)

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