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What Country Am I?

Seen on Annie's blog.

You Are Sweden
You are a calm, soft spoken person. You are well mannered and classy.
You enjoy listening and learning. You are open to new ideas.

You are very moderate. You don't over do anything and shy away from extremism.
You have an eye for design. You can see the beauty in simple things.

That dull, huh? LOL

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I am Hong Kong - a hard worker and good at making money. Ha! They obviously don't realize I am a teacher and live in a tiny studio!


This sounds nice, Amy.
I am China, apparently I am big and bold with petential.
Hmm? I wonder how they got that got that from my answers?

This is so much fun. I am Italy and "incredibly chic". Ha!


Oooh, I wish I were well-mannered and classy.

Alas, I am Brazil, which defies logic -- that would suggest I'm a free spirit. Which I'm not really.

However, on another quiz I learned I'm Machiavelli's spawn. I like that (I guess I would, by definition!)


Yeah, I was really well mannered and classy at 8:00 this morning, getting into a yelling match with the janitor about using the copy machine before the office staff arrived. What dioes he think I'm going to do, steal paperclips?


I'm not sure I'm China so I understand how you feel about Sweden, but it was fun.

I was either Sweden or Brazil, depending on how cranky I let myself be about something right now. Those are...interesting extremes.

I am Argentina! Apparently I am all contradictions...

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