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What the Hell?


I just woke up from one of the strangest dreams I've had in quite a while. I don't always remember my dreams, but when I do, they're technicolor oddities that could give Dr. Freud material for years. I can probably blame the Tylenol Cold PM for this.

You know that loud guy with a white buzzcut, lots of jewelry and bad taste in food who has some sort of junkfood show on the Food Network? For reasons unknown, he was ice skating in my dream wearing a very unflattering pair of cut-off shorts. Really, I don't have a clue either. And then I was driving a car in Paris with my grandmother in the backseat, and we were driving to a hotel, but I couldn't understand what my grandmother was saying because she was speaking in Yiddish. In my dream I knew it was Paris, but it looked like my parent's neighborhood in New York. Ice-skating guy made a reappearance, and then we went into the Paris Ritz, (so not where I hang out in Paris!) where I got lost and opened doors for a while. There were some dogs around, too. Yes, in the Ritz. Must have been Paris, right? *grin* I then played my guitar.

Seriously, my dreamlife is far more entertaining than my real one. Hope Grandma enjoyed the Ritz.

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WOW - that is a freaky dream! I don't often remember my dreams either - in fact, it is a rare event when I do. Perhaps I need soem Tylenol PM to assist with that!

That's hilarious! You sure did pack a lot of wild images into that one dream. I've just started keeping a dream journal again (I kept one years ago and then stoppped). I keep it by the bed and write them down first thing and have learned that writing them down makes me remember them more often. I love crazy epic ones like yours!

Barb Cabot:

Amy, this is starting off my morning with a huge laugh. First off the photo is hilarious and goes perfectly with your post. Second, I find the human brain so fascinating and the subject of dreams even more intrigueing. The visuals of that food network guy ice skating with those shorts in Paris is too funny. I think you should tell him your dream. Then your grandmother speaking yiddish...the whole thing could be a movie. But then so many of the things in our dreams are so inventive and clever and crazy. If only that part of our creative minds could produce such amazing scenarios during our waking hours. I often wonder about those untapped resources in the recesses of our minds. Great post.

What a dream, Amy. I never remember my dreams, but cool you got to hang out at the Ritz in Paris.

I'm taking Tylenol Cold PM tonight! ;)


Very, very occasionally do I dream in technicolor, but I do remember a very purple dream once upon an eon ago when I had been given some codeine-based meds. Maybe I should remember that.


Perhaps you have a long-surpressed desire to become the first Yiddish folk singer in the Ice Capades. (Do they travel to Paris?)

I have to get my hands on some Tylenol PM, it sounds like fun.


Amy, remember this dream! (Well, you won't have to as it is here on your blog!)
Later this month I will be posting about the dream workshop I attended. What a hoot!

Note to self: When I get back to the store I'm going to pull a couple of the dream interpretation books off the shelf and see if Amy's dream is in any of them.

Don't you just wonder sometimes how we can have the dreams we have?


Amy, I LOVE your dream(s)! And I know exactly who the guy on the FoodNetwork is (can't remember his name either).

I take Melatonin to sleep, and it is supposed to provide vivid dreams, but I can't remember any as entertaining as yours!

I am anxious to read Palma's blog entry now so we can try to figure out what they mean!

Love the photo! Definitely a wild dream. Do you play a guitar in your awake life? I have been having some crazy vivid dreams lately also. I always find it interesting how we can travel from one place to another in a nano-second and even time travel in dreams.

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