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We had a nice, relaxing mini getaway over the weekend. Just walking away from the "stuff" that occupies our minds these days--work uncertainties, college payments, extended family dramas, laundry and errands and orthodontists, Oh My. A small respite was needed.

We stayed in the Kendall Hotel in Cambridge, a newer hotel build into and behind an old fire station. It's not the most charming of neighborhoods, between MIT and the glass canyons of the biotech and engineering firms of Kendall Square, but the T is right across the street. In 3 minutes we could be watching sunlight glint off the Charles River as we crossed the bridge onto Beacon Hill; or coming up the subway stairs into bustling Central Square or Harvard Square in the other direction. It's a pleasant hotel, decorated in antiques, reproductions, and pretty fabrics. Very nice staff, comfortable, quiet rooms, free parking and breakfast. I'd recommend it.

But what is it today with the mountain of pillows on hotel beds?


Ate a great lunch in Central Square, in one of the Indian restaurants we used to go to back in our own student days. Shalimar, on Mass Ave, very good. Took the T across the river to Boston. We walked up and down around Beacon Hill for a while, stopped for coffee.



Dinner was at the highly rated Benatti in Cambridge's Inman Square. Inman used to be the place to go for drinks and music, and cheap food. Still is, and Benatti outprices everything in the neighborhood. The food was very good, expensive, and the service charming in the tiny room. Although my handmade tortolloni was outstanding, it was swimming in so much overly flavored sauce that I couldn;t taste the delicate spinach filling. Larry's was much better, and the scallop antipaso was wonderful. Ah well--I heard on Chowhound the owner is looking to sell.

Sunday morning we took a brief drive to look at my grandparent's old triple-decker, amazingly enough now turned into condos. That got us reminiscing about my grandmother, but that'll be the next entry.

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Sounds like a great weekend. I miss Boston.

I agree about the pillows. I usually spend 5 minutes taking them all off the bed.


You are lucky you live where a "staycation" is a really great option. Glad you had fun!

In defense of the Alpi di Cuscini: Pillow requirements, I have found out, are like fingerprints. Everyone's is different. One person likes flat and small. Another's nose clogs up if he is not sleeping upright. It puts us hotel people in a quandry. I have four on the beds, two small and two large.

Decorative pillows are an entirely different matter. I am thinking of getting rid of those completely, even tho I only use two per bed. Less stuff is more?

Amy, happy you had a nice time. Cambridge looks charming. I am a bit homesick right now, this made me even more so. :)

Barb Cabot:

Wonderful to read the little details of your getaway. Nice to be able to go back to college day haunts and especially nostalgic to see your grandmothers old residence. Life passes in a blink. Isn't it nice to slow the clock a bit..do something which allows us to smell the roses, be with a loved one and to think back on many happy memories. I look forward to your post on your grandmother. Happy for your getaway.

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