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I made a batch of hamentashen yesterday, the triangle-shaped cookies eaten at Purim. I only made two kinds this year, since I didn't like the cherry filling I bought. I made some with a Nutella filling; and some with apricot-almond. For the dough I used Kim's delicious recipe, here: http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/kim/archives/003721.html

Here's how I make the apricot-almond filling (which is also a nice "jam.")

Put 1 cup dried apricots and 2 Tbs. honey in a small saucepan. Add water just to cover. Simmer for 1/2 hour, or until apricots have begun to soften. Add 2 Tbs. toasted almonds. Put apricot mixture into a food processor, straining out most of the liquid. Puree, adding just enough liquid back to make a jammy consistency. Add a tablespoon Amaretto, and more honey to taste.

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We made ours yesterday too. I was trying to avoid b/c I was tired and standing and rolling didn't appeal but we couldn't entice Becky to make them. Then came to find out later (b/c she never tells us what she's thinking/feeling at the time she's thinking/feeling it), that she just felt like if I didn't make them no one should make them (need an eye rolling icon here). Anyway, you can scream life lessons at your kids but I guess it doesn't mean they'll listen but I'll be damned if she martyrs me over this!

Anyway, back to the hamentashen, we made apple, strawberry and blueberry. Remind me next year about the Nutella b/c I want to try it then.


I love Nutella on anything!

They look delicious, Amy!

Yum! I have all the ingredients in my pantry for the apricot-almond jam. Think I'll make it.


I made some for the kids last week, which is enough baking for me this year. I ended up using Janet's recipe for the dough (from your link) since it had no dairy and I was driving with the dough made. The fave was the poppy seed, which I found in that Solo can, but I will keep Nutella in the back of my mind for next year.

Terry (teaberry):

Bookmarking these - they look perfect.


Those look fantastic! Cherry filing would be fabulous.

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