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Help Amy Spend Money!

I'm getting paid for a large special project, so of course I'm spending it on my children's education.


No, I'm frittering it away (Ok, only some of it) on yarn for some new projects. Help me choose some patterns! I'm looking to make two sweaters for (gasp!) myself. I'm very short, round, and look terrible in yellow.

Pattern possibilities:

1. Cute empire-waist lacy tank. I'd do this in a cotton-silk blend, with a bit of sheen that would show the lacy stitches well. The lace stitch is one I use often for scarves and baby blankets, so it'll go fast. I think I'd add an inch or two to the length, and maybe do a teeny bit of lacework in the cleavage or neckline.

2. Gauzy jacket, asymetrical closure:
I'm thinking of a raw silk for this, in a jewel color.


3. Linen summer cardigan, asymetrical neckline. I like this as its shown, in a pale natural linen.


4. And for a heavier-weight project, this sweater is easier than it looks. Maybe in a deep red?


5. And I love the clever bias cut of this one. Thinking of a variagated yarn to show off the strong diagonal lines of the stitches.


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Humm, let me see. I like that last one - but I have to recommend - - socks!! (Can you email me the link for info on that last one?)

I like number 3 the best. You must be very talented to be able to make any of these. They all look so complicated. Congratulations on your son getting into into Syracuse. Maybe you can make some of these and sell them to help pay for his tuition :)?


Amy - this is hard! You have chosen five very different and very interesting pieces. Sure you don't want to knit three, or maybe four, or all five??

I think my two top choices are:
#5 - I think the diagonal design of this is both interesting and figure flattering. And it is versatile enough to wear for many different types of events/occasions.

#1 - I love the lightness of this.

But the linen jacket is so classy, and the green sweater has so much style... the only one that doesn't really grab me is #2 - I'm not sure where/how/when I would get use out of it.

OK - so if

I really like all of them, but something about the last one is drawing me.
Also #3 is very nice too.

I too am impressed that you are able to make any of these!

My faves are #1 and #4. #1 because I think empire waists are so flattering on pretty much everyone, and I like the lacey part. #4 looks so classy with the contrasting stitches (and I love green!).

I hope you'll show up some photos when you finish.

#1 is great~ I'd wear that inspite of the arms. (when it's hot enough, no one cares)
#2 is cool~ the kind of thing I'd knit and never wear.
#3 looks very wearable. I'd give it a try too... but those look like very tiny stitches. i wonder if I could get it done by May?


Amy, I love #4 -- especially the idea of doing it in deep red -- and #5. I love its shape and colour. Tough call!

I like 1 and 4! Both great projects. I wish I had the patient and the skill to knit something more than just scarves...


I have to go with numbers 1 & 5 for the exact same reasons as Tourmama!


OK, I bought some thick cotton yarn in a deep brick red for top no. 1. Got the first 2 inches or so done, but the lacework is going to be just too peek-a-boo, I think. I may do a more closed pattern, or...maybe a series of tiny cables running vertically. Need to swatch.


From the person who is knitting baby blankets, I say go for whatever you fancy. I actually saw a pattern for a simple swing coat/sweater that I thought I could do but when I realized how much the cashmere/wool yarn cost, the fear of it not fitting sent me back to the baby blanket.


I love #1 and #2 and #4 too! All are cute though.


Late to the party, but I love 2, 4 and 5!

Make them ALL!

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