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Top Ten Reasons Knitting is Better than Therapy


Top Ten Reasons Knitting is Better than Therapy (by Knitpurlgirl)

10.) Yarn doesn’t nod and ask you how you feel about that.
9.) You don’t have to work through your issues.. you can just poke things with pointy sticks
8.) You can get more than one hour of yarn therapy for that $150
7.) You don’t blame your mother for all of your knitting mistakes
6.) It is perfectly acceptable to conduct your yarn therapy at Starbucks.. psychotherapy, not so much
5.) The only shock therapy you endure is with wool, metal needles, and a fast hand
4.) The only chemicals you put into your body are tea , coffee , martinis, or chocolate.. and you can take them DURING therapy
3.) Your insurance premiums won’t increase
2.) You can enjoy yarn therapy on vacation; in your jammies; in bed; on the train/bus/subway; in the park; or at work (secretly).


1.) You can’t fondle your therapist

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I love point #9 -- I have got to take up knitting!


How about it justifies the nights spent on the couch mindlessly watching TV? I can't do anything complicated so having run out of necks for scarves, I am working on simple baby blankets.


I love this! (Found you via Stumbling Over Chaos)

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