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Pesach Madness 2009


Time to start planning for Passover. We're going to a friend's home for the first seder on Wednesday, and are hosting the second seder for (Yikes!) 22 on Thursday night. I'm cleaning out the fridge and kitchen today, starting my lists, and have sent Larry out for the first round of shopping. I'm declaring freedom for this particular slave by not making matzoh ball soup this year. Honestly, there's going to be so much food I hope no one misses it.Here's what I'm thinking, for 22 people that includes some children and vegetarians:

Sister Laura, Sam, and Beth are bringing wine, I have wine, grape juice and sparkling water

Passed during Seder:
Veggies and dip
Tam-Tam matzoh crackers, vegetarian chopped liver, and "real" chopped liver (courtesy of my Mom)

Three kinds of charoset. I usually have my cousin bring the Ashkenazi apple-walnut one and I make a Moroccan date-pistachio-apricot one. I just saw a recipe for an Italian (Venetian) one based on chestnuts and figs, so I thought it'd be fun to do that as well.
Seder Plate with--charoset, roasted egg, shankbone, parsley, horseradish.
On table--salt water for dipping, extra charoset, matzoh

First Course: Gefilte Fish (Sorry Mom, not making it from scratch this year!) with horseradish

Buffet meal:
Cool Salmon with Herb Vinaigrette
Chicken with preserved lemons and green olives; or Chicken Marabella
Roasted Potatoes
Artichoke Hearts Stuffed with Lamb and Herbs
Sauteed Spinach--or maybe asparagus?
Golden Beet Salad with Mint
Raw Veggie Salad Platter--fennel with oranges; carrots; cherry tomatoes with basil; peppers


Amaretto torte (cousin Jon)
Homemade Chocolate macaroons (sister Sue and David)
Something from the Kosher bakery (Mom)
Some other dessert (cousin Karen)
Passover Tiramisu? (Me) Or maybe just sliced strawberries if I run out of steam

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Sounds like a wonderful dinner to me. Is that the table set for this year already or from last year?

I love sharing in your holiday preparations! The menu sounds wonderful. I am impressed that you can cook so effortlessly for 22!!


We are going to my cousin's where on Wednesday I will help her cook and set a table for 18, I think, well, two tables - this year I am going to sit with my grown children at the second table. I admire the work that you are doing.

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