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Weekend in New York


We're heading down to the city tomorrow morning. The focus is on visiting various parents, relatives and friends, but we're actually going to grab some time to have fun in the city, too. Tentative plans:

Drive down Saturday, hang around near my parent's apartment on the UES, probably walk up to Central Park for a bit. We'll leave the boys with my parents, and Larry and I will head downtown to our $89 a night hotel deal. It's a new Best Western way downtown. As long as the door locks and the sheets are clean I'm happy when it comes to hotels, especially when I'm paying under $200 a night in New York. Believe me, it beats putting 6 people and a puppy into my parent's one bedroom apartment. Dinner somewhere in Tribecca or the Village, still working on that. If I can't snag a res somewhere we'll just walk around the East Village and knock some of the preening trendies off the barstools in the cute little bars with $11 plates of two exquisite mouthfuls, and then go elsewhere for a slice and gelato.

Sunday, we'll meet up with some friends for a dumpling and noodle crawl in Flushing. Flushing in Queens (yes, make all the toilet jokes you want) is the large concentration of "real' Chinese restaurants in the NY area--very authentic, very fun to bumble into little dumpling houses where all the signs are in chinese, and hope the lady behind the counter takes pity on you. We use this map as our guide-- http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/07/29/dining/20080730_FLUSHING_INTERACTIVE.html#

Sunday late afternoon, we'll head over to the Lincoln Center area to spend some Barnes and Nobles gift certificates, and go to the new Museum of Arts and Design, the reincarnation of the American Crafts Museum which used to be across from MOMA. http://www.madmuseum.org/
Sunday night, dinner with my MIL in the Lincoln Center area, as she'll be coming out of a concert.

Monday, we'll head up to the Bronx, for a visit to the Bronx Zoo. My kids still love it, and I'll admit I do as well. Arthur Avenue is a 15 minute walk away, a dense area of oldfashioned Italian groceries, markets and restaurants. We'll meet a friend there for lunch, and pick up some bread, cheese and pastries for dinner.
Monday night, dinner with my parents and sisters at the apartment.

Home Tuesday, hopefully in time for Evan's orthodontist appointment in the late afternoon.

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Sounds like a warm few days with people and places that you love. Nothing better...nothing!

That is an amazing price on the hotel. I remember how happy I was when I got the Westin for $ 179 thinking that it was a huge steal. Have fun.

I see you are not staying at the apartment with the cat this time. Have a fun trip and a nice long weekend :)


Amy, that's a remarkable hotel price, I'm amazed.

Sounds like a great weekend!

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