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Gratitude Fridays


And once again, thanks to Diana, we're taking the time to be grateful. http://creativestructures.blogspot.com/2009/07/gratitude-friday-friends.html

There's a traditional Jewish prayer that is said right when waking. It's called Mo de Ani.

Mode ani - I offer thanks,
le’fanecha - to You,
melech chai v’kayom - living eternal king,
shehechezarta - for you have restored,
bi - within me,
nishmasi - my soul,
b’chemla - with mercy,
raba emunasecha - great is Your faithfulness.

Essentially, its a big thank-you for the gift of another day, spirit and body intact. And really, after that, its all gravy.

Here's a lovely video of a little girl and her mother singing Mo de Ani, with the ancient words set to a contemporary tune.

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Thanks so much for sharing this. That little girl is precious!

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