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Gratitude Friday


Oops. Well, better late than never.

Grateful my summer class is over. I learned a lot, but Man, this was a time sink.

Everyone in my life is either healthy or holding their own right now.

Dan is combing the Web and Pittsburgh used bookstores to get as many used and cheaper textbooks as he can. He's still shocked by the prices, but $80 for a Bio textbook is better than $160.

The phone call from the camp nurse that began with "first thing, Evan is fine..." was true. A day of running a low fever, a night in the infirmary enjoying electricity, and then back to the bunk.

I still have two weeks before I have to go back to work. Wish I could do something more exciting than clean off my desk and bug Dan into packing with the time, though.

Started to pick ripe tomatoes, yay.

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Those tomatoes look awesome! Something I can't get up here in Alaska.

What a colorful photo!


Your tomatoes are beautiful!

We are just starting to get some ripe ones. Pretty late for SoCal. They will probably all ripen while we are in Italy - lucky neighbors.

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