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Gratitude Friday


On Wednesday, I took Dan to Target for some College shopping. Now, having a son, and a very independent one at that, means that mother-son shopping trips were an unusual experience for us. He's been buying his clothes and personal needs on his own for a while, and we've been amused to see his fussiness with athletic shoes displayed by constant exchanges through Zappos and Endless. (for the record, I think the black and red ones particularly snappy)

As we wheeled the cart around, I got quite sniffly somewhere between towels (one dark blue set, one bright green, he was careful to pick ones on sale--that's my son) and clothing. He let me help find his size in jeans, I approved his choice of washed black jeans, straight leg; agreed the loose-cut was too baggy on him; and was amused to see him suggest he needed polos and a pair of chinos. Yes, he's ready to leave home. Yes, he's been pushing away from us all summer in efforts to assert his independence and maturity. Yes, he needs to go to college, to be on his own, to learn about himself and the world. Yes, I'm looking forward to just being a couple again in three years. But still. He's leaving home.

Dan, I'm grateful you're becoming such an interesting, competent, resourceful young man; with an ironic sense of humor, strong sense of right and wrong, and openness to new experiences. I'm grateful you rose to the challenge of earning your own college spending money by sweating on the golf course all summer. I'm grateful you chose a college that seems a good fit for you, that we could afford, and that will allow you a huge range of academic and professional choice. I'm grateful that the only time we got a call from a teacher was when she was laughing about her A student participating in Senior Cut Day to go to the beach with his buddies. I'm grateful (although you might not be) that you got your grandmother's curly hair and your father's green eyes. I'm grateful that you hang out with other good kids, that you're usually kind to your younger brother.

I'm grateful to be your mother.


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Alright. You got me verklempt. He's gorgeous (both photos) and your tribute is very beautiful. I gotta go get a tissue.


Yep, that one brought tears to my eyes too. Good post.


ok,Amy I am up at PSU and have been holding up well.This just gave me the good cry that I needed.What a beautiful post!


Lovely post, Amy. And both photos are wonderful!

Beautiful post!


Fabulous Amy!! Made me laugh, weep, reminisce about my own boys, etc. Thanks for a very very moving and wonderful post!! Ain't it grand when we get the opportunity to pat ourselves on the back a bit on doing a great job parenting??? Great !!!


I loved your post, Amy! Very heartfelt and sweet.

Tears here also. Such a sweet photo of him when he was little. He grew up to be a wonderful son. I can see how you are so proud. Beautiful post.

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