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Gratitude Friday

Gratitude Friday, for which I am grateful to Diana at http://www.creativestructures.blogspot.com/


Today, I am grateful for my job.

I was lucky enough to fall into a career path I adore, that nourishes my spirit and mind. I am also fortunate to work where I do, where teachers, children and parents are respected, where colleagues are honored, and we're challenged in the best of ways. I am grateful that our program gets the recognition for excellence it deserves. I am grateful to have my day measured in joy, kindness and learning instead of dollars and defeating others.

I am grateful that my employer is helping finance the cost of my further professional education, and has encouraged me every step of the way. I am grateful that teaching has allowed me most of the same vacation time as my children, and that I was able to race home from work to spend afternoons with them. Less grateful that Early Education is one of the most underpaid careers there is (itty bitty children, itty bitty paycheck), and many teachers have few benefits. I am grateful that I can use Larry's benefits package, and that others on my staff can take advantage of Massachusetts' low-cost health insurance plan.

I am grateful that every September I am excited to begin another year, with another group of children to learn from.

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Wonderful photo, Amy. To have work that you love is a blessing, indeed!

Amy, touching post.

I can relate to the love you have for our profession and understand your wee bit of dissatisfaction for some of the disrespect we early childhood educators get...

Oh, by the way, your post can be one for this week's PhotoHunt too - Orange. :)


Wonderful, wonderful entry Amy! It must be utterly fantastic to have a career that nourishes spirit and mind. The itty bitty children :) are hugely blessed to have someone like you helping them get started on their own life journeys! Love the photo, so cute!

Oh how I yearn for that feeling again. I have been trying so hard to get it back but it is so difficult with no support, floundering in a K-6 school, expected to do so much that just does not fit in the preschool world.

I am so happy that you work in a place where you everyone is respected, honored, and challenged. It sounds like a dream job!

The only reason I have not thought about changing to an early childhood private preschool center type position is because of the poor pay. Six more years and then I will have the freedom to leave the DOE and perhaps work at a private preschool with a group of preschool teachers instead of being the lone preschool teacher at a school fighting for developmental practices in the world of NCLB.

Me again. It took me a while this year to finally feel good at work again. Of course right now I am on break (first quarter just ended) which might be influencing me at the moment. I had a very rough start this year but am still very grateful to have the job that I have. AND right now I am grateful to have a job!

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