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Gratitude Fridays


Gratitude Friday, for which I am grateful to Diana at http://www.creativestructures.blogspot.com/

Today I am grateful for:

Heading down to New York on my own, as Larry and Evan are doing the "Schlepathon" to bring my Mother in Law and assorted mysterious boxes from her house in the Catskills to her apartment in Manhattan. I'll get some solo museum time, and meet up with them Sunday night.

I am grateful for my free "hotel" in the city, my parent's lumpy sofabed on the Upper East Side. There may be dinner and puppy play time. If I am really lucky, puppy will sleep in my parent's room, and not whine at me all night.

The Chinatown Bus (Oh come on, it's not that bad--there haven't been any accidents this year, LOL) is stilll $15, and dumps me on Canal Street and the number 6 train uptown.

I started a new sweater, so I will have some bus knitting. A cardigan with a lace inset at the waist, in a heavy dark rose wool. pattern here (although mine will not be quite as tightly fitted) http://www.woollymammothknits.com/chunkyfudgelace.html

I can cheer on Kim on her Avon Breast Cancer Walk. East 77th Street and York, 3 pm.

There are exhibits I want to see at the Met on Sunday morrning. And a short walk will take me to the awesome cookbook store on Lexington. I may go downtown to find cheap jewelry from street vendors in Soho. Or I may just walk through Central Park.

Oh oh oh--My mother just e-mailed me that this weekend is the Manhattan Yarn Crawl! I think I know how my birthday money is going to be spent...

I have a Metro card in my bag that still has money on it.

Larry and I will go out to dinner Sunday night. Sushi!

I have Monday off.


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