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Size Six Resolution

So, I zipped up a pair of size 6 jeans this morning. OK, they're Lands End, which tend to run a bit big, but still.

I do have eight pounds to lose to be at the official "correct" weight for my height, but I think those last few pounds are going to fight me. If they're off by bathing suit weather, I'll be happy. Just keeping to this general size, and maintaining the new eating and exercise habits is a good goal. For this year, and forever.

People constantly ask me "how did you do it?", and often hint if I've had some form of weight loss surgery. No, just doing things the old fashioned way, through reduced calories and increased exercise. It's been challenging, but nowhere as difficult as I'd envisioned it would be. If your mind is in the right place, your mouth will follow.

I have had to rethink how I was cooking and shopping. I am always planning ahead now on what I'm going to eat, in order to not fall back into mindless eating. I do miss the days when I didn't think about what I was eating, but I know that's what got me overweight for many years. Because my metabolism has changed from so many months of reduced intake, I know I can never go back to eating like a "regular" person without gaining weight. When I splurge on pasta at a friend's house, or share dessert when eating out, I'll need to spend a few days on salads for lunch and extra time exercising to make up the difference. And that's OK--I'm happy with the creative healthy foods, and more time on the treadmill or with the weights also means more movie time.

So, my resolution for 2010 is to end the year still in my size 6 jeans. No going back.

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Congratulations!!! You are an inspiration. I have not seen size 6 on me in decades... LOL

Amy, you are definitely an inspiration. This is not easy to do. I also know keeping it off is not easy either. I lost 35 lbs in 2004 and slowly put back 20 lbs. I am happy that I've stabilized less that my heaviest but I do wish I would lose 10 lbs again. Keep up the excellent work. You have the right attitude.

Here is to you, Amy!

Amy, you really are my weight loss hero. You look fabulously healthy and happy in your pictures.
For the last 5 years I've slowly but surely added 30 pounds. Mindless eating is the main culprit. I'd like to say I'm going to follow you. But, I don't think I've hit my motivation wall yet. Hope I do soon.

Barb Cabot:

Knowing how hard this is to do I am really in awe of your great accomplishment. A size 6? I don't think I've ever worn a size 6. Bravo Amy!


You are my hero(ine) too, Amy!

I lost 20 lbs last year before we went to Italy, but I have gained it all back, mostly during the holidays - mindless eating for the mostpart. But I am determined to eat more healthy food in 2010 and exercise more.

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