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Sweet Treat


I don't have much of a problem cheerfully avoiding sweets during the week, saving indulgences for the occasional weekend. But with summertime heat, I've been eying the kid's ice cream in the freezer.

Somewhere on the web I saw the idea of freezing banana slices, then pureeing in the food processor to make a non-dairy "ice cream." Yeah, right. However, Larry's banana-buying habit had resulted in a pile of rapidly softening bananas on the counter, so I figured there was nothing to lose. I peeled them, sliced thickly, tossed into a ziploc then into the freezer. The next night, I threw some in the processor along with a handful of Trader Joe's frozen mixed fruit and a squeeze of agave syrup.

And Lo, it was good. Look, it certainly wasn't ice cream, but was sweet, creamy, and easy on the hips. The banana had smoothed into a creamy consistency, and the berries were the dominant flavor. Nice! The next night I left out the blueberries, but tossed in a spoonful of sugar-free hot chocolate mix and one of vanilla yogurt. Even better. I'll bet peanut butter would be a great addition; maybe a few chocolate chips; or frozen mango and a pinch of grated coconut for a tropical twist.

Anyway, have fun! Use frozen banana as the base, add flavorings and sweetener of your choice. Puree and enjoy.

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Cool - a great alternative to making loaves of banana bread!

Sounds good, Amy! And healthy too!

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